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Tag: fixes

Payback 2 goes free-to-play

Payback 2 arrived on the App Store late last year. It's the sequel to a game called Payback that was sort of a Grand Theft Auto for iOS (before Grand Theft Auto for iOS was actually released). Payback 2 added online multiplayer and a new "custom mode," and as of today, it has gone free-to-play,...

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Fix iOS 6 App Store connectivity with Date and Time trick

Have you been getting connection errors in the iOS 6 App Store? You're not alone. I've also be getting the error message at right since updating to iOS 6. Fortunately, there's a quick fix. Apple Discussion Board user CLwill posted a hint that worked for me: "Go to Settings>General>Date a...

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Outwitters, Super Knights and more get nice updates

There are a few new solid updates out to popular games on the App Store, and you should head into the App Store app and grab them as soon as you get a chance. First up, Outwitters has gotten a big update to hit version 1.1. The biggest change is a new item in the in-app store that allows you to...

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Chrome for iOS updated with new social and stability features

Google has posted an update for the iOS version of its browser Chrome, and the app now features the ability to share content via Google's own G+ network, Facebook or Twitter. The update also has a host of bug fixes per user feedback, according to the changelog, so it should be faster and work s...

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In-app purchase hack won't work in iOS 6, say coders

The IAP hack of the past few weeks allows users of iOS apps to make in-app purchases ... without actually paying. The hack is essentially a DNS exploit -- it fools apps running on your iPhone or iPad into thinking they're contacting Apple's in-app purchase servers when they actually are not. Th...

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BBEdit 10.1.2 now available

The latest version of the acclaimed text editor BBEdit is out and available now, and as you can see on the official site, it features a whole host of fixes and updates to existing features. A number of crashing and bug problems have been solved, so the whole app should run smoother than ever be...

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iTunes updated to 10.6.1, with bug fixes aplenty -- iTunes Producer bumped to version 2.6

iTunes 10.6.1 is now available in Software Update -- it fixes a few glitches in Apple's ubiquitous music and library app, including several crashing issues, some VoiceOver problems, and an issue where iTunes would freeze up while syncing with the smaller iPod shuffle or nano. There's also a b...

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Apple releases iMac Graphic, MacBook Pro EFI firmware updates

Apple recently released two firmware updates that address graphics problems in the iMac and select MacBook Pro models. The iMac update fixes a graphics issue in Lion that would lock up the all-in-one machine, while the MacBook Pro update targets 15-inch, late 2008 models with a flickering display....

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Apple releases iMac Graphic Firmware Update 3.0 to address hanging graphics

Apple has released iMac Graphic FW Update 3.0 to address graphical hanging issues that some people were reporting on iMacs. After upgrading to Lion, many users had reported their iMacs were locking up entirely after playing certain kinds of videos, requiring them to reboot in order to regain co...

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Macworld Expo 2011: iFixit wields their magic in person

On stage at Macworld 2011, two of our friends from iFixit, Kyle Weins and Luke Soules, attempted to fix broken Apple stuff right in front of an audience. The session was moderated by Chris Breen, who asked the audience to bring up their broken gear in the hope that it could be fixed right on the sp...

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QuickTime 7.6.9 out now, fixes a number of security issues

Apple has updated QuickTime to version 7.6.9, bringing out a whole slew of security fixes protecting against various "maliciously crafted" file formats. Apple has been working closely with security experts to hammer these out, and as a result, the software is much better protected against opening f...

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AppleCare has paid for itself

My iMac is about three years old. I know this because my AppleCare is expiring on November 7th, and it extends the included one-year warranty by two years to give a total of three years of coverage. In short, I'm glad I've had it and wouldn't consider owning a Mac without it. In the last three ye...

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TUAW's Daily App: Darkroom Pro

I've been a fan of the Darkroom app for the iPhone almost since the beginning, only because it contained a bit of functionality I think that should have been included in the device from the start: a steady mode. The original Darkroom offered up a steady-shot mode that let you press a shutter button ...

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10.6.3 update hiccups and workarounds

Although it's been relatively quiet in the mailbox over the past 48 hours with regard to Mac OS X 10.6.3 issues and outcomes (probably because everyone is too busy refreshing their delivery status), every OS update comes with a few problems. In this case, the reports we've gotten include the usual m...

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Simple fix for the USB monitor black screen of doom

If you use a USB display adapter to add a 2nd screen to your Mac, you may have noticed that ever since Mac OS X 10.5.7 came out, they have been mysteriously failing. This morning, after logging out and logging back in, the black-screen-of-doom scenario happened on my Mac mini's second monitor. By s...

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