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Tag: fleksy

Five apps that let you try out the new Fleksy keyboard

Fleksy announced this week that its SDK for iOS has exited the private beta stage and is now available for all developers to use. Integration with Fleksy is easy for developers to implement and takes just a few steps for users to setup on their device. To try out Fleksy, here are five apps that...

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Fleksy rolls out API, debuts as alternative keyboard in third-party apps

Fleksy promises to make tap typing easier with a keyboard that offers a 114 percent larger typing area and a powerful prediction engine that autocorrects so well that you supposedly can type without looking at the screen. The Fleksy keyboard was limited in scope as it was only available in the...

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Fleksy is an alternate text input tool for the visually impaired

Fleksy is an interesting take on alternate text input for the iPhone. Designed for those whose eyesight is bad or nonexistent, Fleksy records the taps on the screen and makes a guess based on your patterns. It then says the word, enabling you to quickly construct sentences without even looking at...

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