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Fantastical shines on the iPad's display

Fantastical from Flexibits has been my go-to calendar on the Mac and iPhone for a long time now. This week the company released an iPad version (US$9.99) that takes advantage of the device's big display. The app isn't simply larger on the iPad. The developers clearly sat down and considered how th...

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Chatology for Mac lets you easily search Message histories

Flexibits has released Chatology for Mac (US$19.99), which lets you search your Messages chat history with great ease and success. Its looks will make it familiar to just about anyone who's used a Mac within the last ten years and and its integration with Messages is just lovely. Say goodbye to Ap...

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Fantastical 1.3 adds reminders, bug fixes

Flexibits has released an update to its Fantastical menu-bar calendar tool. Fantastical 1.3 adds support for both iOS and iCal reminders. That's a feature I've been waiting for. You can choose which calendar's reminders Fantastical should display, and they're color-coded to match the parent calend...

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Fantastical 1.2.2 available, prepares for Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper

Fantastical by Flexibits has been updated to version 1.2.2 to address, among other things, Gatekeeper support in Apple's forthcoming Mountain Lion. Fantastical is a fantastic tool for the Mac that I've been using for quite a while (here's our comparison of Fantastical and Today). It lives unobtr...

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Fantastical 1.1 offers editing, notes, full iCloud support

Fantastical by Flexibits has been updated to version 1.1, which offers a slew of new features. Users can now edit events and notes within Fantastical, and changes are immediately synchronized with iCloud. There's a lot to like about this new version, including behind-the-scenes bug fixes that make...

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Manage multiple cameras with Cameras

Flexibits has just released Cameras, an application designed to manage multiple camera hookups on your Mac. With Cameras, you can direct which programs launch when you connect any number of photo-related devices to your computer; including digital cameras, the iPhone or a digital media reader. C...

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