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United Airlines providing iPhone 6 Plus to more than 23,000 flight attendants

The iPhone 6 Plus has been dominating the phablet market since its release, but thanks to United Airlines the device is about to become omnipresent on certain flights. Today United announced they will be equipping more than 23,000 flight attendants with the devices for company use and customer se...

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Which airlines have OK'd electronics on flights?

Holidays are stressful enough before factoring in the hassles of traveling. Thankfully for some air travelers, the minor inconvenience of not being able to use electronic devices during take off and landing is being removed, one airline at a time. Yesterday, in response to a recent FAA announce...

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Daily iPad App: FlightRadar24 lets you spot planes using your iPhone

Every once in a while, I travel to the big city of Portland, Maine, and swing by the airport to watch a plane or two. I have a radio to listen to the control tower, so I know when planes are landing or preparing to take off. It's fun listening to the radio chatter, but these FAA-sanctioned convers...

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FAA planning to let you use your gadgets in flight

I know those flight attendants are just doing their job, but I've always resented being made to "turn off" my iPhone and iPad during pre-flight announcements. Ever since Mythbusters disproved it, I've never believed that there was a problem between my iPad's wireless connection and the airplane'...

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Daily iPad App: Sid Meier's Ace Patrol is an excellent game sold badly

My birthday was last week on May 6, and Firaxis must have heard about that because in recent weeks they've released not one, but two great turn-based strategy games. First, Haunted Hollow was released as a great, original free-to-play title, and now the legendary Sid Meier (of Civilization and P...

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Priceline says mobile flight bookers like taking it easy is one of the most well-known flight- and hotel-booking sites out there, and the company recently shared some information with TUAW about how its mobile device-based users tend to set up travel. The company identified three trends for the people booking flights from mobile devices...

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Drifter, buoyed by a Kickstarter, heads toward release later this year

I first saw Drifter, developer Colin Walsh's great space trading simulation, at last year's GDC. Back then, the game was a great idea, though Walsh's Celsius Game Studios had plenty of work to do. In the year in between, however, Walsh carried out a successful Kickstarter, picking up over $80,0...

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Qantas expands in-flight iPad program for passengers

Back in 2010, we reported that Qantas Airways' Jetstar flights would offer iPads to passengers as in-flight entertainment, and in 2011 the program began testing on the carrier's own jets. Now the Hindustan Times is reporting that the Australian airline has expanded the in-flight iPad program. ...

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American Airlines pilots could use iPads as early as Friday

The FAA has given the nod to American Airlines to start using iPads in flight cockpits as early as Friday, a ZDNet source informed the site. American Airlines conducted a test program in June, which started with electronic charts and moved to replacing paper books and charts. A pilot told Tec...

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5 Apps (Mac & iPhone) for pilots

People who fly airplanes, either professionally or for fun, are an interesting bunch. When they're not flying, they are usually doing something to keep their skills sharp or to learn something new. This selection of five Mac and iPhone applications is a sampling of what's available for Apple platfor...

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