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Travel ads doing especially well on the iPad

AllThingsD has an interesting report on the boom of travel ads in the last year. Mobile ad network Greystripe has seen travel-related mobile ad campaigns grow by 50% this past year. While researching why, they found the iPad has a lot to do with it. Greystripe found that a whopping 91% of iPad ...

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TUAW's Daily App: FlightBoard

I can't say I'm a huge traveler -- even though I've hit up quite a few conventions this year for work, I haven't been flying so much that I need to keep tabs on what's going on at the airport. But I like the idea of FlightBoard anyway. It's an app that will automatically create a departing flights ...

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De-clutter: How I used my iPhone and Evernote to travel light

Recently I spent a few days in Paris, France. I travel light: One bag (pro tip: Roll your clothes), one jacket and one hat. I love getting my necessities down to a single carry-on bag. What I hate is all the paper. Airline confirmation receipts, bus schedules, relevant correspondence from family and...

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Travel reminder: Spare laptop batteries now verboten in checked bags

Planning a big trip in the new year? Someplace, I dunno, kinda hilly and foggy? If you're bringing along spare batteries for your laptop, take note of new FAA regulations starting January 1: lithium batteries, such as the Li-ion packs that power the MacBook Pro, are no longer permitted in checked ba...

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