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Cisco to shutter Flip camera line

Cisco has announced that it's shutting down the Flip video camera line, purchased a few years ago from Pure Digital for a whopping $590 million, for good. That's a shame -- while, of course, the iPod nano and the iPhone (and now the iPad 2) have carried video cameras of varying quality for a li...

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iPhone 3GS video vs. Flip Mino HD

It was an inevitable face off. The iPhone 3GS and the Flip Mino HD. One of our readers, Adrienne, did just such a test at the Dayton airshow July 18-19, and held the two cameras together to see how they compared. Turns out both do well, with the Mino having higher resolution, of course, and the i...

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Gift guide for amateur video producers

We all have a friend of family member obsessed with posting videos on YouTube. Their cats, dogs, babies and whatever else are all fodder for two minutes of teh funny. This holiday season, help them improve their craft and produce the next big viral hit with these gift suggestions. Software Quality ...

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Cover Stream brings the old CoverFlow back

I'm sure I'm not alone on this one, but I remember when CoverFlow was basically just a tech demo, and not, you know, the centerpiece of OS X's UI. But of course when Apple picked up the little app to use it for everything else, we lost it -- even if you wanted to use the old simple album-browsing ...

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