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Vintage meets future: importing photos to an iPad from a floppy disk

The iPad's Camera Connection Kit is a remarkably talented accessory. With its standard USB connector plus a bit of ingenuity, clever folks have found all sorts of things to connect that would not ordinarily be expected to connect: headsets, keyboards and a variety of storage devices. You can even ...

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The floppy disk is dead (and Apple helped kill it)

It was 1998 and Apple had just released the iMac G3. It was a beautiful interesting computer: a sleek, all-in-one case, with something new called USB. One thing it didn't have was a floppy disk. At the time, many believed Apple was insane for leaving a floppy disk drive off the iMac, but did Stev...

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Cool ways to reuse an old Mac

Most Mac users will be among the first to tell you that they can be a little overprotective about their hardware. Of course, Apple has a great recycling program for older computers. But for some, sending off their old Mac that way would be a little like sending off your old faithful car to cash for...

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Floppy Disk Striped Raid on a Bondi Blue iMac

I have a little ditty for you dear TUAW reader: Oh how I love RAIDs, both useful and contrived! What beauty when my data is striped, Large or small, my data is safe with all. Take for example, this lovely Bondi Blue iMac with no less than five floppy disk drives (FDD's) "melded" into a &q...

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