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Flyz Screensaver 1.1.2

I don't know how I managed to avoid earlier versions of the Flyz Screensaver, but I just came across version 1.1.2 on VersionTracker and I am pleased to see they've "fixed a bug that was causing the flies and maggots to accumulate at the bottom-left corner of Intel Mac screens" and "increased the m...

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Modern Flying Toasters

The two screensavers that I remember most are Star Field and Flying Toasters. Star Field isn't all that whimsical, but luckily Flying Toasters more than makes up for that. Now, your modern Mac can sport flying toasters and toast thanks to Uneasy Silence. This Quartz Composer screensaver is pretty sl...

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Flying Toasters screen saver for everyone

Berkley Systems' After Dark screen saver might have been the greatest screen saver collection that ever lived. Immortalized on VH1's "I Love the 90's" and running on old Macs everywhere (I still have my floppy versions), it was insanely great. Who could forget the ubiquitous Flying Toaster? Well, UN...

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