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Tag: flying

Daily iPhone App: Kumo Lumo combines colorful design with original gameplay

Kumo Lumo is one of the most recent games from Chillingo, and it's a good one. The gameplay itself here is hard to describe -- it's an arcade game, maybe? Though there's a little bit of simulation in there, and some puzzle elements in terms of how you learn the game and its characters, too. ...

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Parrot updates the AR.Drone for a second version

CES 2010 was where we first heard of the Parrot AR.Drone, a radio-controlled quadricopter that hooked up via Wi-Fi to an iPhone app. And now, two years later, that product is out and successful -- and now, obsolete. Parrot used CES 2012 a few weeks ago to introduce the AR.Drone 2.0, a brand new ve...

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Siri / Wolfram Alpha trick lets you know what is flying overhead

I'm a bit of an airliner freak, so I love looking up at the contrails of jets flying overhead and wondering where a plane might be going. I recently found out that Wolfram Alpha has the ability to tell you what airplanes are cruising around above you based on your position and its knowledge of ...

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iPads on the virtual flight deck

It's no secret that the iPad is popular with pilots. TUAW has provided coverage of pilot kneeboards for holding iPads in the cockpit, many iPhone apps for pilots that are now making their way to the big(ger) screen, and we've heard from commenters who fly for a living that they think the iPad may b...

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Flying Magazine blogger wants an iPad in the cockpit

Here at TUAW, we've talked about some potential markets for the iPad; for example, the health care industry. Over at Flying Magazine's website, blogger Robert Goyer is lusting after the iPad as a tool in the cockpit. The iPhone has become a pilot's toolkit since the App Store opened, with apps li...

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Do you fear when you fly? There's an app to help that.

Fear of flying is nothing to laugh about. Having a panic attack while on an airplane, or not being able to even board a commercial flight because of fear, are both more common than most people would imagine. One solution is to learn how to relax, and to become knowledgeable about the sights, sounds,...

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First Look: Get airborne with Aera for iPhone

Aera is a new flight game [iTunes store] from iChromo with beautifully rendered graphics and some challenging game-play. I wouldn't exactly call it a flight simulator, as your control of the aircraft is limited. You can't bank left or right, but you do control your up and down pitch. The game is pri...

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WWDC Demo (and sneak peek): SciFly 2, a dogfight app for your iPhone or iPod touch

I was shocked to discover the young author of SciFly (iTunes link) hadn't even graduated high school when he first started coding, and wrote the original game while in high school. Based on his success with the first version, he dropped out of high school and has dedicated himself to iPhone develo...

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WWDC Demo: Flogger, a flight logger for iPhone

We're winding down the last of our WWDC video demos this week, and today we're looking at Flogger, a simple but powerful flight logger for iPhones and iPod touch handhelds (despite a name that might make you look twice). I'm not a pilot, but some of the features sounded pretty nifty, including a me...

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Steve Jobs spending less on flying

This might be obvious to most of us, but the WSJ feels it's fit to print: while Steve Jobs' reimbursed budget for his private jet has been fairly considerable over the past year or so -- $580,000 for a six-month period a year ago and $30,000 during a quarter period, the past few reports have seen th...

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