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Apple expands iOS Maps' 3D Flyover coverage in California, including Disneyland

Apple is continuing to roll out increased Maps 3D Flyover coverage. The latest update was first spotted by AppleInsider and appears to include large parts of California. Specifically, the latest update includes the cities of San Bernardino, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Moreno Valley and...

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Apple adds 3D Maps Flyover coverage to Paris and surrounding areas

Over the past few months, Apple has consistently, and yet silently, continued to increase the number of areas which receive the 3D Flyover treatment in its homegrown Maps app. Now, the French-language site iGeneration is reporting that Apple has added 3D Flyover support for Paris, France. The...

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Senator Charles Schumer asks Apple to consider privacy with new Maps

Apple and Google are rushing to bring 3D aerial views to their respective mapping solutions. While many view this as a good thing, some people like Senator Charles Schumer of New York are concerned about privacy and security issues that arise when people are photographed from the sky without...

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iPhone users come in all ages but probably live near a big city

The end of this week has brought a little flurry of information about the differences between iPhone and Android users. First up, Admob has released the results of a survey that says the iPhone is twice as popular as comparable smartphones in both young and old demographics. Unfortunately, we can...

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