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Productivity Tip: Focus time

In order to stay productive, you must accomplish tasks. Unfortunately, as communications have sped up and become omnipresent, our focus has been sliced and diced to the paper-thin setting. How many times a day does a calendar invite, Facebook update, email or Tweet send you off your task and ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: iFogg

Apps that help you to focus when using a Mac that's chock-a-block full of distractions can be really helpful. iFogg, a US$0.99 app from the Mac App Store, helps you focus by dimming other windows and leaving only the active window at full brightness. iFogg sits in your menu bar, like many oth...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Quiet

We've covered apps that help you focus by masking other windows in the background in the past. Quiet is another app that will blank out distractions and help you stick to the task at hand. You can configure keyboard shortcuts or use the drop-down menu from the menu bar icon to enter and ex...

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Byword 1.2, now with Markdown support

Byword is a full-screen, "distraction-free" word processor that has an interesting twist: it focuses on just the text around your cursor (or even just the current line), dimming the rest of your composition so that even that can't distract you. Byword (and its predecessors) are based on the idea t...

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HazeOver dims background windows to help you focus

Have you ever wished that you could fade out non-active windows in the background, leaving you to focus on the task at hand? HazeOver does just that in a simple and Mac-like fashion. A small utility that runs in the background, HazeOver dims any non-active windows automatically in a smooth ra...

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iTunes 9 Focus: Tips for editing your iPhone apps screens

While of my colleagues are tremendously excited about Norah Jones and iTunes LP, I've got to say I was far happier to discover the new iTunes 9 iPhone application management screens that Brett touched on yesterday (Sorry, Dave!). Located in the Applications tab for each iPhone and iPod touch device...

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iTunes 9 Focus: iTunes LP

For me, the most exciting feature of iTunes 9 is iTunes LP. As a kid, I read CD booklets cover to cover, looked at every photo, saw who played what instrument on what track and who wrote the songs. That's an experience I've missed since distribution went digital, but I've accepted it. A coupl...

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Apple working on a GPS unit?

It wouldn't be Sunday on the Mac web without a little wacky rumor to keep us interested. A German magazine by the name of Focus has a brief item today claiming that Apple is working on a GPS unit for cars. The article goes on to say that these units would be available exclusively for Mercedes during...

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