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How to create nested folders and completely hide apps in iOS 8

It's that time of the year again: Apple's latest mobile operating system is now available and there are already a couple of great ways to break it in the name of customization and productivity! Nested folders and hidden apps -- two of the most useful glitch-tweaks from iOS 7 -- are present and acc...

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It's the little things: The tiny changes that may make you fall in love with iOS 7

When Apple launches iOS 7 later this year it will be the biggest overhaul the mobile operating system has ever received. But with change comes fear, and there's already a divide forming between those who can't let go of the iOS they know and love and those who welcome the revamp with open arms. Th...

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Box acquires Folders, in what sounds like the least exciting acquisition deal ever

File-sharing service Box has acquired the technology behind a French app called Folders, which was never released, but is also centered on browsing and sharing files on the iPhone. Terms of the acquisition weren't revealed, but Box said that Folders would be a big influence on the next few ite...

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Daily Update for May 23, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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New 'iPad Is Amazing' ad touts iOS 4.2 features

Apple's latest iPad commercial, "iPad Is Amazing", is touting iOS 4.2's new features including AirPrint, AirPlay, multitasking, and folders. Aimed at corralling holiday technology shoppers, this new ad definitely offers up something for everyone in the family. Just for the record, I will admit th...

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What's new (and gorgeous) in iOS 4.2 beta

If you're as excited as I am about the iOS 4.2 beta being released, you probably spent the majority of Wednesday paging through all of the tech blogs and/or neglecting your responsibilities as an adult. For those of you who aren't able to experience Apple's latest firmware until November, I've roun...

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TUAW iPhone Tips: Typing the Apple symbol, iOS 4 folders in the dock

As you go into this weekend looking for things to do, you might be thinking about how to organize your iOS 4.x iPhone and use the Apple symbol in the process. The first tip, courtesy of Macenstein, deals with labeling of apps and folders. Back in the iPhone OS 2.x days, you could use the Japanes...

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iPhone OS 4.0: No multitasking for iPhone 3G and second gen iPod touch

While Apple will be serving up a hearty meal with iPhone OS 4.0, not all iPhones and iPod touches will be able to offer up the full experience. Only the iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod touch will be capable of handling all seven features highlighted at the event today (multitasking, folders, m...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Folders help organize your apps

It's been one of the aggravation points since the App Store first launched and we began accumulating all these magnificent toys: how the heck do you manage 11 screens full of icons scattered all hither and yon? iTunes 9 gave us some control, but lacking an organizing principle things continued to be...

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Batch move your playlists to an iTunes folder

Folders, which have been a feature of iTunes since iTunes 5.0, serve as a means to better organize your music. For example, you could create genre- or artist-based folders with corresponding playlists nested within them. But moving playlists into folders isn't the most fun thing, and can be especia...

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The Big Mean Folder Machine turns 2.0

Oh, Big Mean Folder Machine 1.5, we hardly knew ye! You joined the Mac world in October of 2008, and now you're gone, replaced by your new and younger sibling. Big Mean Folder Machine 2.0, from, is the newest version of the great Mac file manipulation application. BMFM 2.0 continu...

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The Big Mean Folder Machine 1.5 kicks it up a notch

The Big Mean Folder Machine is a useful tool from (developers of the indispensable A Better Finder Rename 8) that takes the drudgery out of either splitting files into multiple folders or merging files from different folders. Why would you want to do either of these tasks? Let's sa...

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Mac 101: Spring-loaded folders

Dragging a file from one folder to another is one of the Great Innovations of Modern Times. It's like the web, or sporks. But sometimes it's a hassle: what if you want to drag a file to a folder...inside another folder? Dum dum dummm... In comes another Great Innovation of Modern Times: the spring-l...

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Martian SlingShot 2.0 adds iTunes music and playlist sync

Scott blogged Martian SlingShot, a Bonjour-enabled network syncing utility for your Macs, back in January, and a recent 2.0 update has brought iTunes music and playlist syncing to the table. In addition to being able to 'publish' and 'subscribe' to folders between multiple Macs on a local network (a...

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BackityMac update brings CD/DVD backup

We mentioned BackityMac 1.0 a couple of weeks ago, and since then it's had a minor .1 update with a big new feature: backing up to CDs/DVDs. As icing on the cake, BackityMac can also span disk images that are too big for the media you're using, putting that 'size matters' issues to rest. BackityMac ...

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