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Font created with an iPhone in a dark room

What do you get when you take a motion graphics designer, an iPhone and a dark room, and put them together with a Canon 5D DSLR? You get a new font named "Phone Streak," created by Marcus Byrne. To create the font, Byrne set up the camera to take time exposures as he "light painted" the air with ...

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Mac font designer awarded AIGA Medal

Many Mac users probably don't give a second thought to the fonts on the screen, but they make up a critical part of the user experience in any GUI-based operating system. Fonts are so important that Steve Jobs even called them out during his famous Stanford commencement speech. Now Jonathan Hoefl...

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Friday Favorite: WhatFont, a website font analysis tool

If you're the type of person who looks at the design of a webpage, you'll want to download and install WhatFont. WhatFont is a straightforward tool, designed by college student Chengyin Liu, that apparently parses the CSS of a website and pulls out the font used in a section of text. It also tr...

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Macworld 2010: TypeDNA

On the last day of Macworld, I caught up with the guys from TypeDNA to take a look at what I soon realized was going to be a revolutionary bit of software magic for designers of any ilk. TypeDNA is a series of plugins for Adobe CS4 applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) which makes finding...

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TUAW giveaway: Typewar for 10 lucky winners

If you read our little review of Typewar yesterday, you already know that it's an elegant and fun game for iPhone and iPod touch. Now you have a chance to win one of ten copies of Typewar in a TUAW giveaway. All you need to do is leave us a comment telling us what your favorite typeface is. Th...

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Xcode 3.2 Daily Tip: Restoring Monaco

It's a Menlo world in the new Snow Leopard Xcode. 10.6's Xcode uses the Menlo Regular-11 font for the standard Xcode template. If you miss Monaco (and I know I did), it isn't hard to restore the look and feel of Xcode 10.5's defaults. That's not to say there's anything wrong with Menlo. Menlo is a ...

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ID that font on the go with WhatTheFont for iPhone

If you're a graphic designer, hopefully you're familiar with WhatTheFont, the essential service from that helps identify a font from a photo or other bitmap image. Now, MyFonts is bringing that power to the iPhone. With WhatTheFont for iPhone, you can take a picture using the iPhone's c...

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TypeDNA to pick up where other font management software leaves off

TypeDNA is previewing its advanced font management software at Macworld booth 4037, and gave TUAW a sneak peek. TypeDNA (also the name of the product) is cross-platform, standalone font management software that also includes some advanced features to help you select fonts based on similarity and typ...

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Safari for Windows: Mac vs. PC Font smoothing

One of the first things users noticed about the new Safari for Windows beta is that Apple is using their own font smoothing technology (found in OS X) instead of the Windows standard ClearType. Joel Spolsky has an interesting discussion of the different approaches Apple and Microsoft use with respec...

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The Little Things: anti-aliased fonts help Mac OS X shine

Continuing our new The Little Things series that highlights the often-overlooked polish and underrated features that make Mac OS X such a joy to use, I thought I'd highlight one of those 'guy behind the guy' features that makes Apple's OS so gorgeous: font anti-aliasing. Nerdy, I know, but check ou...

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TUAW Tip: make friends with Mac OS X's Font and Color palettes

One of the things I'm sure we all love about Mac OS X is how integrated so many of the apps and services are with each other, but did you know that integration can stem all the way down to the fonts and colors you use amongst your apps? In almost any input-based, Cocoa-written app you're running (F...

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Widget Watch: Type Cast font preview and info

This is one of those widgets that makes me wonder why Apple hasn't already made one. Type Cast is pretty simple and straight-forward: it's a font preview widget from Code Line Communications, makers of Art Director's Toolkit (amongst other things). This widget isn't short on capabilities either; yo...

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Typographica's favorite fonts of 2005

Typographica, a journal of typography, is listing their favorite fonts of 2005 in a two part series. If you're anything like me you have a number of fonts littering your Mac that you have accumulated from various websites. Typographica gives the nod to Liboa, Freight, Ministry Script, Garamond Premi...

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Linotype FontExplorer X updated

We've mentioned the most excellent (and free) Linotype FontExplorer X here before, and I figured its most recent update was worth a mention. A host of new features, updates and bug fixes have been issued including: Illustrator CS/CS2 plug-ins, copying to clipboard from the font preview will copy sam...

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