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Apple Watch's new font isn't the first Apple font named San Francisco

Today Apple released WatchKit, the tools for developers to start building apps for the Apple Watch. Buried inside the kit is a brand new font called "San Francisco" specifically designed for use with the Apple Watch. Given the challenges of reading text on such a tiny screen Apple needed to ensur...

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Susan Kare, the brains behind the Mac's famous icons and fonts

As one of the original members of Apple's Macintosh team, Susan Kare played an integral role in determining the look and feel for the original Mac OS. Recently, Priceonomics ran an extensive and informative interview with Kare wherein she details some behind the scenes info regarding the design ...

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Mac font designer awarded AIGA Medal

Many Mac users probably don't give a second thought to the fonts on the screen, but they make up a critical part of the user experience in any GUI-based operating system. Fonts are so important that Steve Jobs even called them out during his famous Stanford commencement speech. Now Jonathan Hoefl...

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Possible fix for font issues in 10.6.7

Late last month, a troubling font issue came to light after Apple rolled out version 10.6.7 of Mac OS X. The update appeared to cause problems with the printing and PDF handling of OpenType PostScript fonts. Apple has not officially acknowledged the problem, but a growing thread on Apple's disc...

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10.6.7 update causes OpenType font issues

There's a thread on Apple's Discussions boards suggesting that Mac OS X 10.6.7 introduces issues with OpenType PostScript fonts when it comes to printing and PDF handling. Kurt Lang writes: "As soon as you install 10.6.7, OpenType PostScript fonts are indeed broken... [the issue] is confined to ...

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Font made out of 540 iPhone apps

Sure, you may have already picked up your Steve Jobs mosaic print made from Apple products, but do you have a font made entirely from 540 iPhone apps? I didn't think so! Tumblr We Love Apple posted about this font made by Oriol Fernandez Tur, a catalan art director from Barcelona with "too much free...

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HelvetiNote for iPad long on looks, functionality

An app with a domain like has a clear objective. The app itself, HelvetiNote (US$2.99) is a note-taking application for the iPad meant for folks who dislike the aesthetics of Apple's own offering. Minimalist, attractive and useful, it's earned a spot on myiPad. Here's what I li...

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Tips for creating an iPad-compatible Keynote presentation

While the iPad version of Keynote represents a slight twist on Apple's flagship presentation app and serves as a gateway into multitouch computing on a large display, it has a few shortcomings when compared to its Mac OS X counterpart (as we noted back in April). As a result, those who start their K...

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Macworld 2010: TypeDNA

On the last day of Macworld, I caught up with the guys from TypeDNA to take a look at what I soon realized was going to be a revolutionary bit of software magic for designers of any ilk. TypeDNA is a series of plugins for Adobe CS4 applications (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) which makes finding...

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The Font Game for iPhone is fontastic fun

Be sure to check out our iPhone game review roundup via Joystiq. Ask any designer what their favorite font is and you'll get one of several thousand possible answers. Fonts aren't merely pretty characters on a display; they are an art form. Each font family conveys a particular aesthetic meaning ...

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First Look: FontShuffle puts FontShop in your pocket

If, like me, you do a lot of your font shopping at FontShop, you're sure to love FontShuffle. FontShuffle is like having a copy of the indispensable FontShop catalog right on your iPhone or iPod touch. I know my dog-eared copy from 2002 needs to be updated and/or retired: FontShuffle is a nifty, fr...

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Beta Beat: Fontcase

A few months ago, a teaser appeared for a new Mac OS X font management app, Fontcase, developed by Pieter Omvlee and with an UI design by Laurent Baumann. Fontcase is designed to replace Apple's Font Book utility, which is not only a mediocre font management app, but has a less than nuanced int...

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Extensis Universal Type Server: Font management for workgroups

Another product announced at Macworld Expo, Extensis Universal Type Server, is now shipping. Universal Type Server is designed for corporate font management, requiring Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server 10.4 or 10.5 on a G5 or better machine. My personal opinion is that this would be a perfect application ...

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PopChar X 4.0

PopChar X, the little utility that gets all of those funky symbols, accents, and other special characters into your documents without having to remember arcane key codes, has been updated to version 4 for Mac. PopChar has been around for over 20 years and is a favorite of editors and designers. To t...

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Show floor video: Extensis Universal Type Server

We had a quick visit with Kelly from Extensis and a demo of Extensis Universal Type Server, an upcoming workgroup management package for fonts. Administrators can control font sets and lock down user preferences, including for mobile users, and both server and client are cross-platform, Leopard and ...

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