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Mac 101: Force Quit

If you're switching from Windows you may be familiar with an old friend, the Task Manager. Apple provides a similar tool, with an easy way to force unruly applications to quit. I'll get to why you'd want to do this in a moment. To access Force Quit, you can either go to the Apple menu in the top lef...

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Rumsfeld resignation captioned well by Mac OS X

While TUAW certainly isn't a political blog (though there is an easy argument to be made that politics and technology are fatefully intertwined), you might have heard Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of defense, is stepping down. While I don't want to incite the ever-prevalent political arguments of mass ...

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Beat your Mac into submission

Sometimes, even on a Mac, applications go a little wonky. They stop responding, they freeze, or you are treated to everyone's favorite sight: the spinning beachball of death. Ted Landau has compiled a quick list of something things that you can do quit a misbehaving program, or to speed up Safari. E...

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TUAW Tip: Kill an accidentally-opened app

The dock is a great tool, but it can also be a great pain in the ampersand-dollarsign-dollarsign. It's incredibly easy to accidentally click an app you're not interested in opening -- forcing you to wait for it to load so you can then close it out, adding an abundance of unnecessary seconds to your ...

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