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Boxee box specs revealed

This is probably the last time we'll post about the Boxee box, as it's not really an Apple product, but given that it's based on software that lots of Apple TV and Mac mini owners use, and that we've been following its release, I figure we can update you one more time. Over at CES, Boxee has offici...

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XBMC "Camelot" update brings lots of new features

Just in case the gifts you got from your family last week didn't float your boat (no kidding, I got a Yakov Smirnoff DVD -- I love my parents, but they're not the best gift givers in the world), here's another fun present to unwrap. The folks at XBMC released a brand new version on Christmas Eve, a...

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Save space on your iPhone by re-encoding movies and TV shows

If you encode your own video for watching on various devices and you're looking to save every last MB on your iPhone, it could be worth your time to re-encode at least some of your larger files with more conservative settings. While I, for example, have been copying the iTunes Store's settings and e...

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Cog grinds its way to .06

Shaun Martin drops a note that Cog, an open source audio player that plays pretty much every format you'd want to play (I don't know if I'd ever need to play anything in Monkey's Audio but sure enough, it's there) has hit version .06. The release features a brand new UI (with two pullout drawers--...

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Rumor: Apple might support both Blu-ray and HD-DVD in Leopard

In another move by a major player to negate this ridiculous next-gen DVD format war, Think Secret is reporting they have evidence that Apple might very well support both Blu-ray and HD-DVD with their upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard release. This is an interesting (and wholly welcomed) move from Apple...

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