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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Tapatalk

Although Internet forums are the illegitimate offspring of the old dial-up Bulletin Board Systems and the Web, I find myself using them a lot. Whether I'm checking with fellow cruise enthusiasts over at Cruise Critic or looking for tips about hardware issues over in the MacRumors Forums, these ...

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Apple exec posts, retracts enterprise information

We're not sure if this is good news or bad news for you Xserve enthusiasts, but given the furor over Apple discontinuing the server line, any news is probably worth hearing. Apple server product marketing manager Eric Zelenka reportedly posted a message on the Xsanity message boards saying that the ...

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Woz talks to developers at Intel Developer Forum

Steve "Woz" Wozniak is often considered the "God" of Apple. He was the designer of the first ever Apple computers (Apple / & Apple //). At a recent developer forum at Intel, Woz gave a bit of advice to the engineers. He told them that, "the right way of going through life" is pursuing a vision w...

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Jobs Blasts Teachers Unions

Well having annoyed a lot of folks with his recent missive on DRM, Uncle Steve seemed likely to be making more enemies on Friday at a conference in Texas about K-12 education reform where he appeared along with Michael Dell. The AP reports that Jobs said, "I believe that what is wrong with our schoo...

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Apple TV and iPhone forums open at Apple Discussions

Did your brand new iTV just go on the iFritz? Or possibly your iPhone took a cue from Mr. Jobs and prank called Japa- Wait, they aren't out yet? Well, maybe these two shiny new pre-release Apple Discussion forums, one for the Apple TV and another for the iPhone, will still come in handy for chattin...

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Camino build optimized for Intel

For Intel Mac users who are just ga-ga for Camino, a helpful MozillaZine Forums user by the name of heronstalker has posted a build of Camino optimized for Intel Macs - but only for Intel Macs. This is not a Universal Binary, it's a... Singular Binary, er something. I ran my old 'n busted copy of Ca...

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OSx86 Project announces forum reorganization and upcoming name change, hints at new features

I just received an email from the OSx86 Project announcing a few recent and upcoming changes they have and will be making to the site. Last week they reorganized the forums to make the browsing and searching process easier, but in the upcoming weeks (by the end of the month, they promise), a host of...

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An easier method to get Windows Vista to run with Boot Camp

Yes, before you fire off a flaming comment, we know this is The Unofficial Apple Weblog, but we thought it might be nice to post a tip for those of you who either want or need to play with the next generation of Microsoft Windows, reportedly due out within the decade (hey, it was originally due in ...

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Did the SMC Firmware Update cripple some Intel Mac clock speeds?

A thread in Apple's support forums discusses complaints of crippled clock speeds after installing yesterday's SMC firmware update on Intel Macs. Upon an apparently successful update, some users checked their min and max clock speeds with CoreDuoTemp to find that their max has been limited to 1000 Mh...

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Widget Watch: CreativeBits Widget 2.0

CreativeBits, a design and OS X-centric creative community, has produced a really slick looking update to their widget that acts as a portal for their site. Users can view the latest articles, forum posts, critiques and links. Clicking on a title in the widget opens the entire article in your browse...

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