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"Ask Different" welcomes your Apple questions

Most of the people savvy enough to be reading an Apple tech blog are probably the ones who get asked a lot of computer-related questions by family and friends. Perhaps you provided tech support over the holidays. But what happens when you have a question? Who can you ask for help? My favorite sp...

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Games updated for Game Center (soon)

As you might have noticed if you've added a few friends in Apple's new Game Center service, the backbone social components are working great. But where, exactly, are all of the games? Developers have actually had access to Apple's service for quite a while now -- it was introduced to them under NDA...

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In Brief: Woz' Big Bang Theory episode airs September 30th

I'm looking forward to the Big Bang Theory episode with Steve Wozniak, both because I'm a fan of the show, and because who doesn't love the Woz? A post on the CBS forums says that the episode with the Apple co-founder is coming up on September 30th, just the second episode of the show's new season. ...

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iPhone app claims 95% piracy rate

With all of the success stories coming out of the App Store, it's been pretty easy to forget the problem of piracy for most developers. Not so for Fishlabs, who've posted over on the Touch Arcade forums that their latest game, Rally Master Pro 3D, is experiencing a 95% piracy rate. You read that ri...

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Dev raises price of $3 app to $40 just to spite customers

I like the way Schiau Studios thinks -- when customers complained about the price of their $2.99US App Store game Alchemize, they raised the price up to $39.99. Over on the TouchArcade forums, they make their case: most devs, they say, when faced with complaints about price, will just lower their pr...

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Apple TV and iPhone forums open at Apple Discussions

Did your brand new iTV just go on the iFritz? Or possibly your iPhone took a cue from Mr. Jobs and prank called Japa- Wait, they aren't out yet? Well, maybe these two shiny new pre-release Apple Discussion forums, one for the Apple TV and another for the iPhone, will still come in handy for chattin...

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OSX86 Forums Closed by DMCA Violation Notice

For those people attempting to get Mac OS X 10.4.x for Intel installed on machines other than Macs, the best place to get that information was the forums at the OSX86 Project. The forums are now closed indefinitely because the project was served with a DMCA violation notice and the project manager(s...

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