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Tag: found-footage

Found Footage: Three iPhones, one video

This video, called Trapped in an Phone (watchable after the break), is pretty ingenious. Artists Ronen Verbit and Vanya Polunin apparently took three different videos and assembled them to play on three different iPhones, both standing on their own and moved around as they play to fit different...

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Found Footage: Christmas songs played by an iPad band

Not quite in the holiday mood yet? Here's just the thing to get your chestnuts roasting -- on the next page you can watch a video of the North Point Community Church band (a megachurch in Alpharetta, GA) performing some Christmas carols on iPhones and iPads. I heard "Carol of the Bells," "Rocking A...

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No Comment: iPad used as protest sign

As if you needed yet another example of how there's no limitation to the uses people will find for the iPad, here's another one for you: 9to5 Mac points out this use of an iPad as a protest sign. In a recent Lithuanian protest, observers noted and recorded a video of one industrious person who m...

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Found Footage: iPod touch 4G goes head to head with iPhone 4

A site called Letem Svetem Applem has put together some performance comparison videos with the iPhone 4 and the new iPod touch, and the results may surprise you. In the startup speed test, the iPad actually beat all of the other iDevices, and the new iPod touch barely beats the iPhone 4 (but all ...

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Found Footage:'s iPad kickoff at D7 Consulting

A little while ago, I told you that had brought their iPads out here to California in order to give them away to D7 Consulting (originally given away thanks to a post here on TUAW). They also had a video team on site, and they've produced this little video that will show you what D7 is up...

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Found Footage: Woz on coloring computers

This video of Woz talking about the "revolutionary" idea of putting color into computers is amazing. It sounds like an LSD trip -- he says he was awake for four days in a row, plunged into some sort of television screenglow madness, and somehow emerged from this zeroes-and-ones induced frenzy wit...

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Found Footage: Sir Patrick Stewart adores his iPhone

Don't even bother questioning why there is video of Jean-Luc Picard bashing Twitter and talking about his love for the iPhone, just watch and enjoy. Okay, okay, it's from a PBS interview designed to promote some of their Shakespeare programming, but that doesn't matter, really. All that matters i...

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Found Footage: Knowledge Navigator concept from 1987

Remember back when Apple made concept videos of their future hardware instead of people making concepts for them? I actually don't, but that's just because I'm a young punk -- the last major official concept video I remember seeing was the old (and somewhat prescient) "You Will" commercials. But o...

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Found Footage: Understanding technology's past

When I think about a computer, I usually don't think about a 5-ton assembly of brass gears, cams, and steel rods. Yet in 1847 - 1849, Charles Babbage first created his design for the Difference Engine No. 2, a large mechanical computer that used these non-electronic components. Nathan Myrhvold, form...

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Found Footage: Conan on iChat

If you're a dedicated Conan watcher, you'll know that Conan O'Brien's normal bandleader, Max Weinberg, is often out on the road playing on tour with Bruce Springsteen, and away from the show for long periods of time. Conan misses Weinberg as much as we do, apparently, and so last night he decided to...

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Found Footage: MacBook Paper

If you can't bring yourself to shell out all that moola for a real MacBook Air, why not print out a tiny MacBook Paper? The MacBook Paper is even thinner than the MacBook Air, and it comes with a case at no additional cost. Don't even get me started on this thing's battery life (though I am pretty ...

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Found Footage: MacBook Air makes thin in again

Is anyone else worried about Apple's obsession with being thin? This issue has come up before, but while last time around it was supposed to be serious, this time it's just plain silly. While Apple is crowing about releasing the world's thinnest notebook, nobody's thinking about the self esteem of ...

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Found Footage: They iScrewed me again

I can't say MADtv is my favorite sketch show, and personally I really liked the Feist iPod ads, but in terms of skewering the downsides of being an iPod user, they pretty much hit the nail on the head on this one. If you listen to our talkcast, you'll already know that Apple makes their product rel...

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