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Tag: fragmentation

It's official: iOS 7 dominated 2013

We've been scanning the iOS version distribution data from Chitika since iOS 7 first launched in September, watching with amazement as the latest mobile operating system from Apple quickly pulled down almost 50 percent adoption within a month of release. Now Chitika has released findings for the...

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Verizon iPhone causing fragmentation of iOS apps? We've got the real story

Sometimes, when journalists and bloggers hear something that sounds like a scoop, they rush to publish the story before anyone else can get it. Unfortunately, that sometimes has repercussions. Yesterday, I was talking to ZDNet's James Kendrick at the TeleNav Waypoint event in Cupertino when he...

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Dissecting Android's openness

Oh, Steve Jobs, you certainly do know how to get tongues wagging. During last quarter's earnings call he attacked Google's stance that Android is the superior mobile OS because it is "open," restating the debate into terms of "integrated versus fragmented" instead -- with iOS on the integrated...

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