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Padcaster iPad shooter frame debuts at NAB

The Padcaster, which we told you about in March, showed off this week in its public debut at the NAB show in Las Vegas. As expected, the rigid mounting frame for the iPad makes it easy to use Apple's tablet on a tripod or with other film accessories like lights, microphones or 35mm lenses. An i...

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Snap and send photos from your iPhone to Ceiva the networked picture frame

Right now for about a hundred bucks, you can buy a Ceiva picture frame. This device allows you to email pictures to a physical photo frame, allowing you to connect your digital lifestyle to your loved ones. If you have parents or grandparents who don't spend their days hunched over email and Fa...

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miFrame makes your iPad picture perfect

I usually don't review iPad stands, but the people from Striped Sail sent me a miFrames for iPad 2 to try out, and I found it quite clever. Unlike traditional iPad stands, the miFrame doubles as a picture frame enclosure. Most people aren't going to buy an iPad just to use it as a digital pic...

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Flickr gets iPad-friendly with slideshows

Flickr has announced some improvements to its photo-browsing/sharing website for iPad users. The new light box photo viewer (aka slideshow) enables you to view photos from Flickr's website in a larger format on a black background, similar to what happens when you click on a photo on Flickr's webs...

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Image Framer creates digital frames for all your holiday pictures

Actually, you can create great looking frames for all your digital images, not just your holiday snapshots. I've spent part of the day playing with ImageFramer 3 from Apparent Software, a Mac utility that allows you to create frames and mats to give you just about any style you can imagine. If you d...

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TUAW's Daily App: Flickr HD

Flickr HD (or flickr hd, as it's styled in the App Store) just got a nice update recently to version 6.0, and it's quite an excellent way to browse and view the popular photo-sharing site Flickr on an iOS device. The latest version brings a feature called "Instaswitch," which will automatically cha...

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Light painting in stop motion with the iPad

This is about the coolest thing done with an iPad since, well, the iPad itself was created. A firm named Dentsu London has used an iPad to create a series of stop motion shots assembled from sequential long exposure light paintings. They created a set of 3D graphics and then programmed the iPad to ...

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Gawker updated with more camera support, desktop time-lapsing

Gawker, the clever app for recording, sharing and combining time-lapse movies, has been updated to version 0.70 with some unique features. It is now compatible with non-iSight cameras, including even DV cameras, and can record from up to four cameras simultaneously (when you consider the power of us...

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