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Trader charged with wire fraud after trying to buy $1 billion worth of AAPL

A fraudulent US$1 billion purchase of Apple stock has resulted in the arrest of a Wall Street trader and the loss of US$5 million for his brokerage firm. According to the District Attorney's office in Connecticut, trader David Miller of Rochdale Securities hatched a plan to use the brokerage's ...

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Examining an iTunes Store account hack

ZDNet has a long report on a recently hacked iTunes account that involved a linked PayPal account. We've seen an increase in the number of hacked iTunes accounts in which people's gift card balance or linked accounts have been mysteriously drained. This report, like many others, leaves us wonderin...

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Apple warns of crackdown on App Store rankings manipulation

Apple has issued a reminder to developers that it will not tolerate use of third party services to manipulate app rankings in the App Store. "When you promote your app, you should avoid using services that advertise or guarantee top placement in App Store charts," the reminder states. "Even if you...

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Massachusetts Attorney General investigating iTunes scams

We get several emails every week from readers claiming to have been hit with fraudulent charges on their iTunes accounts. It seems as though scammers have found a neatly exploitable hole in iTunes accounts, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew with their latest victim. Massachusett...

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Got acne? There used to be an app for that

The iPhone is pretty special, but apparently its magic does not extend to curing blemishes. The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with the developers of AcneApp. The marketers of the app claimed that it "was developed by a dermatologist.... A study published by the British Journ...

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iTunes fraud surge hits gift card balances, PayPal accounts

The frustration and questions surrounding iTunes App Store purchase fraud are (unfortunately) continuing. Over the past three weeks, we've received several first-hand reports of accounts with positive gift card balances being unexpectedly drained; often the charges are for in-app purchases for app...

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Apple a part of $75B civil rights, fraud lawsuit

Apple is a defendant in an unusual lawsuit that accuses the company of "outrageous and reckless and extreme acts against the plaintiff, with the massive theft of the plaintiff's copyrighted works, grossing millions if not billions of dollars." The plaintiff, David Louis Whitehead, filed his cla...

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Organized ring charged with using fake credit cards at Apple Stores

Prosecutors in New York City have charged 27 people with organizing and running a ring of credit card fraud that was used to rip off Apple Stores around the United States. The thieves were able to buy over $1 million of Apple gear by obtaining stolen credit card numbers and manufacturing IDs and cr...

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Thousands stolen through iTunes/Paypal scam

The BBC reports that a web scam is affecting a number of iTunes accounts that are linked to PayPal. Amounts ranging up to $4,700 were reported on Twitter and through Techcrunch as being stolen. All signs point to users falling for an online scam known as phishing. People will get e-mails that loo...

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12 people charged in iTunes royalty fraud

I guess with all of the money flowing around iTunes, sooner or later someone would have to try to steal some of it. Twelve people have been charged in the UK with basically laundering money through iTunes -- they were allegedly uploading their own tracks onto the music sales service, then buying tho...

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Apple looking to hire iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist

Just days prior to the App Store fraud story, Apple posted a job listing for an "iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist." The winning candidate will join "...a small but high impact team of specialists whose goal is to improve the iTunes Experience by mitigating the risk associated with iTunes Orders." ...

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'App farming' update: Apple says only 400 accounts compromised

The good news is, one crooked developer has been booted from the store. The bad news is, some iTunes accounts were pillaged to fund his rise to the top of the Books category. While Apple's official statement this morning simply reminded us to be careful out there (change passwords, check with you...

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App Store chicanery powered by iTunes account fraud

It's a shame to have to point out such underhanded behavior on a holiday weekend, but we got a heads-up from developers Alexandru Brie and Patrick Thomson that something was seriously amiss in the Books category on the App Store. As detailed on Alex's blog and in this follow-up from The Next Web, it...

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Phishing schemes targeting MobileMe users again

Be very careful if you get an email from Apple telling you they need to re-check your credit card information. One of our readers got just such an email, and he didn't fall for it. This particular rip-off comes from an '' domain, which has nothing to do with Apple. They'll be glad ...

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Online iPhone sales return to NYC

As Engadget is reporting, New York City residents can get back to buying their iPhones via AT&T's website after the strange outage that seemed to start yesterday kept them from doing so. It's been a rollercoaster of a story -- first we heard that they weren't being sold at all because of covera...

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