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Apple CFO Fred Anderson settles for $3.5mil

Well, it looks like the stock options issue that has been pestering Apple for months now may be over. AppleInsider is reporting today that Apple's CFO Fred Anderson has settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission to the tune of three and a half million bucks. Mr. Anderson denies any wrongdoi...

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Fred Anderson resigns from Apple Board

In a comment under yesterday's report on the outcome of the Apple stock option investigation, SubGenius wisely proclaimed "Fred is going to be the fall guy." Congratulations, SubGenius - you win a brand new star! (or at least you will when the star system is working again) Fred Anderson, who valiant...

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Apple's Special Committee Reports Findings of Stock Option Investigation

Back in August, Apple announced they had found some stock option irregularities and launched an internal investigation to get to the bottom of things. This voluntary audit netted a warning of de-listing from NASDAQ because they had to delay filing their Q3 earnings results (fortuately, NASDAQ cut Ap...

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