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The Freelancer's iPhone: Productivity solutions for independent professionals

Last summer I started to fantasize about working for myself. I pictured a home office, afternoons with the kids and life as the boss. My employer maintained a similar fantasy, and a few months later they went out of business and left 120 of us high and dry. Synchronicity is cruel. Thanks for that, C...

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Video: Billable, keep track of your hours

Click To Play Mike Zornek, owner of Clickable Bliss shows us Billable, a handy app for tracking freelance gigs or other hourly projects. Billable will do more than tracking though, so watch the video to see a really neat app from another indie Mac developer....

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Project Calculator

People seem to enjoy tracking the time they spend on various projects, so it's no surprise that a plethora of project-tracking apps are cropping up. We've mentioned dozens in the past, including iRatchet, iBiz, Billable and even On the Job, but now users have a new choice on the 'simple and strea...

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iRatchet - invoicing and billing

The billing and invoicing shareware space sure is heating up lately, what with iBiz (my personal favorite), Billable and now iRatchet from Pretty Good Software. It has a nice array of features, including the typical Address Book, iCal and Spotlight integration, as well as mileage tracking, "robust...

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iBiz updated, goes Universal

iBiz is a great time and billing management app for those who are self-employed or otherwise might have a need for keeping track of their projects, right down to the minute and dime. It integrates well with Address Book and iCal for all your contact and todo needs, which is great, for example, if a...

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