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HAL 9000 wants to be your Mac screensaver

Remember the iconic HAL 9000 computer from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey? We all wanted our own HAL, even though he pretty thoroughly crashed in the movie: "Open the pod bay doors, HAL." The folks at the HAL Project have been involved with simulating the look of HAL for years. Their first project ...

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Happy Holidays, Instapaper is currently free to download!

It's the time of year when gifts are given away with selfless glee, improving the lives of others without asking for anything in return. Instapaper is getting in the holiday spirit by making its wonderful webclipper app free for download in the iTunes store. The app normally retails for around US$3....

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Realmac introduces free Ember app for iOS

Back in August of 2013, TUAW Editor-in-Chief Victor Agreda, Jr. wrote a detailed review of Ember (US$49.99), an OS X web clipping and digital scrapbooking app from Realmac Software. Victor found Ember to be "nearly perfect for me" in his review, but he might be improving his outlook to "perfect" aft...

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Google makes Snapseed for iOS free

Google bought Nik Software and took them over on September 12th. Today, Snapseed, arguably one of the finest image editors for iOS, just went free, dropped from the US$4.99 previous price. Other changes include built in Google+ sharing, of course, and some new filters and updated photographic f...

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First issue of WIRED re-released as an iPad app

Are you a fan of WIRED Magazine? The first issue of the Condé Nast tech magazine appeared back in January of 1993 with futurist Bruce Sterling talking about war and MIT Media Lab's Nicholas Negroponte pontificating about "What's wrong with HDTV." WIRED fans who want to relive the past of...

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EasyFind is a free alternative to Spotlight

EasyFind is a free application that helps you find files and folders on your Mac. And yes, it's better than Spotlight. EasyFind is made by the folks at DEVONtechnologies who are well-known for developing powerful search software DEVONthink, DEVONagent Pro, and DEVONagent Express, which is to ...

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Daily Mac App: Go2Shell

Here on the Daily Mac App we love apps that do one thing really well. Today's app is no exception. Go2Shell is a tiny little 0.3MB app available for free from the Mac App Store that has the potential to speed up your work-flow if it involves Terminal. Go2Shell simply launches a Terminal sessi...

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Autodesk Motion FX for OS X Lion arrives on the Mac App Store

Autodesk, developers of the amazing AutoCAD and Sketchbook apps for the Mac, has just released a new free app that is not only a lot of fun, but could be useful to amateur filmmakers. Motion FX for OS X Lion is a 25.1 MB app that requires Lion and creates "stunning real-time video effects using...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: HardwareGrowler

Have you ever wanted to keep an eye on what's happening with the hardware on your system using pop-up notifications? Well a little known extra to a very well known program called Growl could be just the ticket. HardwareGrowler (HwG) comes packed with Growl in the "Extras" folder on the Growl ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: IceClean

OS X does a pretty good job of maintaining itself due to its Unix core, but there are times when you'd like to run some of its self maintenance tasks manually, and that's where IceClean comes in. Just using the built-in Unix System Tasks that underlay OS X, you can clean out system caches for...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Sadun's Collage

To start off this new series of daily apps, I thought I'd pick something close to home -- an app by TUAW's own Erica Sadun. The free, ad-supported app is called Sadun's Collage, and it produces fun photographic collages of pictures taken with the cameras in your iPad 2. Sadun's Collage is ver...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: AppCleaner

Last week on the Daily Mac App we featured the infamous uninstaller AppZapper. Today we've got a fully-featured free alternative, AppCleaner. Available from FreeMacSoft, the freeware (donations accepted) AppCleaner does what it says on the tin. Just like AppZapper, you can drag-and-drop the o...

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TweetDeck for iPhone updated additional image uploading options

TweetDeck, whose fate is currently up in the air, just received an update. Specifically, version 2.0.1 for the iPhone adds the following features: Support for image uploading via Twitpic and Mobypicture. Added the ability to create a column with your own tweets and edit the title of cu...

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New Wired for iPad issue out now, Adobe's picking up the tab

Want to try out Wired Magazine for iPad, but you're not too thrilled about paying US$3.99 for the latest issue? In an attempt to encourage potential subscribers to push the buy button in the future, and to show off some new features in the app, Wired 19.05 (otherwise known as the May 2011 editi...

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Sony's Crackle app for iOS approved by Apple

A few months ago, we reported on how Apple rejected the Sony Reader app from the App Store, seemingly singling out the electronics and media company for punishment when similar apps like Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook readers for iOS were untouched. Sony appears to have decided t...

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