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App Store holiday sales on now: GTA 3, id software, Dungeon Raid, lots more

The App Store freeze goes down today, so this is the last chance for many developers to put their apps on sale. And of course, many have taken advantage of that chance. Before we even start listing sales today, many of the sales previously listed, including EA and Gameloft's whole-catalog ...

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Developers eager to submit apps before App Store vacation

It's that time of year again: Snow is in the air, presents are underneath the tree, and Apple is about to shut down the developer's side of App Store for its yearly freeze. The New York Times has done some solid coverage on the shutdown this year, which will start this Thursday, and run for a w...

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Lion bug: Some iMacs locking up after playing video

Over the past few days, quite a few iMac owners have told us they're experiencing systemwide freezes after watching videos. Likewise, Apple's support forums are full of iMac owners experiencing the same issue. Although the bug is difficult to reproduce reliably, it's not confined to any one t...

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App Store price war continues, prices drop pre-freeze

I don't know what kind of criteria we need to hit to call the official start of an App Store price war, but quite a few companies have taken EA's lead from last week and dropped their app prices down in an attempt to get them on the top app charts before this week's store freeze by Apple. Pocket Ga...

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App Store algorithms down and back up, probably tweaked

Regular users may not have noticed this, but I'm sure developers have -- the App Store's charts have been in a freeze for the past few days, leaving apps in exactly the same positions as they were last Thursday. That might not seem like too big a deal, but for many developers, the App Store charts a...

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Apple acknowledges iMac freeze problem

We've had several folks let us know about an apparent problem with the new iMacs, both in post comments and by email tips. There has been an Apple Discussions thread about the issue, which involves random freezes in the new iMac. It apparently causes the interface to completely lock up and requires ...

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How To: Freeze Finder

Want to lock up OS X? Of course you do! When friends with Windows complain that Macs don't have all the features of PC's, you can whip out this little trick to show then that, yes, OS X can lock up just as tight as Windoze. How? You'll need two Macs: one can be any kind of Mac, the other has to be a...

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iPod troubleshooting: Remember the five R's

I'd bet that many of us are familiar with the scenario that Don Foy describes at Macsimum News: You're listening to your iPod when it inexplicably freezes up. No amount of button pushing will get it to do anything. Or, you plug it into your Mac and nothing happens. It doesn't show up on the desktop ...

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