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What's in an icon?

Gedeon Maheux has an post about how an icon is designed from the aptly-named Iconfactory (specifically the Frenzic app icon), and while I don't have any design skills to speak of at all, it's an interesting look into how those little snippets of art are made. Icons are increasingly important, espec...

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Iconfactory debuts Frenzic for iPhone

Iconfactory and ARTIS Software have released Frenzic for iPhone, a fast-paced puzzle game that matches the piece and color combination skills of Bejeweled with a series of pie-shaped game boards. The game is an ideal timewaster -- my favorite kind of game -- perfect for waiting in line or on the sub...

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Frenzic 1.2.1

Frenzic is a frantic game which has the player match and then move colored game pieces to form pies. Trust me, it is a lot more fun than that sounds, and it is even more fun when you play against someone else. Sadly, as with any game based on color recognition, there was a small portion of society t...

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Help make Frenzic an iPhone app

Frenzic is an addictive puzzle game from the folks at The Iconfactory and ARTIS, which we took a look at back in February. It's really quite fun, and would be right at home on the iPhone (or iPod for that matter). I can see myself playing Frenzic while sitting on the train. The folks at The Iconfact...

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I should start this off by admitting that I am not very good at puzzle games. They often frighten and confuse me. Add that to the fact that I am not all that bright (as evidenced by my work on TUAW) and things do not look good for me and puzzles. I'll tell you what does look good though (see what I ...

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