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fring releases iPad app with video calling

fring has released Video Calls + IM for iPad (free), offering video calling to eager customers. The app is the first free video call app for the iPad to offer group calling (Cisco's WebEx offers group video calls via iPad but is enterprise software and priced as such), with support for up to four ...

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Fring app brings group video calling to iPhone

Fring has updated its popular iOS IM app to allow group video calls on the iPhone. This is a first for group video calling on any iOS device as far as I know, and its a much welcome feature. The group video calling allows you to video chat with up to three of your other friends over 3G, 4G or Wi-F...

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Group video chat coming to iPhone via fring

fring is working on a group video chat implementation for its iOS and Android apps. The update will eventually allow users to chat with up to four participants on-screen at once; fring's developers are allowing users to sign up for a beta version so that they can test it out before it's officially...

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Fring adds "dynamic video quality"

If you're a fan of FaceTime on your iPhone / iPod touch, but are frustrated with the Wi-Fi only restrictions, then Fring (the voice, video and instant chat app) is most likely your go-to app for video calling over 3G. Since there's no sign of Skype implementing video calling on the iPhone over Wi...

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Want some video calling over 3G? Fring goes live for iOS 4

Hey there, sports fans: if you need to make video calls from your iPhone (and who doesn't, really?) but your phone partners aren't all FaceTime-savvy, there's another option. We're told that Fring just updated its 3G calling app to include 3G video calling, which means that you can make two-way vide...

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Skype: Dude, where's my 3G VoIP?

It's been nearly a week now since Apple lifted the restrictions against using VoIP over 3G to place calls on the iPhone. Within hours of the withdrawal of restrictions, iCall [iTunes Link] and fring [iTunes Link] both updated their backend to allow users to ´╗┐place calls over a 3G connection. In neit...

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fring for iPhone updated with free one-way video calling

fring, the free iPhone app that allows users to connect to multiple IM accounts at once, including Skype, has been updated today [iTunes Link]. fring now incorporates free video calls for fring-to-fring or fring-to-Skype chats. Before you get too excited, you should know that on the iPhone and iP...

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Fring brings VoIP to iPhone

We have all been waiting on an iPhone VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, since we heard that Apple would allow VoIP application access while connected to WiFi. Fring has finally made our dream a reality -- and it's a reality that's available today! Fring is a new, free iPhone application ...

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