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Tag: friskies

My cat Cinnamon reviews Friskies Cat Fishing 2

Cinnamon isn't the smartest cat on the block. He's adorable, a little bit chubby, and remarkably cuddly, but he's also a bit of an idiot. He eats his brother's food even though we yell at him every single day, he chews on power cords despite being shocked and nearly killed by one, and if you leave...

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Catify Yourself from Friskies lets you channel your inner cat

Are you feeling frisky because its Caturday? Got the urge to meow and purrr? Then you need to check out Friskies's latest cat-themed app, Catify Yourself. The photo-taking app lets you superimpose your face onto a cat body with hilarious results. Catify Yourself has ten backgrounds that show...

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No Comment: Friskies makes iPad web games for cats

So it's come to this. Originally, discovering that cats liked to play with the iPad was just a matter of coincidence -- Felix just liked to bat around the Magic Piano, and that was fine. But pet food maker Friskies has blown that idea right out, releasing a line of three full web-based games...

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