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This Apple portable desktop prototype would make you the ultimate hipster at Starbucks

MacBooks are great and all, but this 1980s prototype for a portable computer definitely challenges today's portable Macs for overall cool factor. Less a laptop and more of a desktop-on-the-go, the prototype is housed at Frog Design in San Francisco. You'll never get your hands on it, but just ima...

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Unreleased Apple products revealed in Hartmut Esslinger's upcoming book

Hartmut Esslinger founded Frog Design, the firm responsible for some of Apple's most iconic products of the 1980s, including the Apple IIGS and the Macintosh II. Now the legendary designer behind the "Snow White" design language is providing a rare glimpse at some of his work that never saw the...

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Everything old is new again; frog design does an iPhone app

Early in Apple history, long before Jonathan Ive came along and performed his design miracles, there was frog design. Under the helm of Hartmut Esslinger, frog design was responsible for some of the more memorable early Apple designs, including the iconic Apple IIc and the Imagewriter II printer. ...

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