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Two Mac Pro cases + woodworking skill = unique bench

With the advent of the new, smaller "trashcan" Mac Pro, we're going to start seeing a lot more of the all-aluminum PowerMac G5 / Mac Pro cases going to the recyclers or - even worse - the dump. Gary Katz of Mac M.D. is a longtime Apple Consultant who saw a really impressive bench designed by a G...

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iRock chair charges your iPad as you relax

If the idea of combining a rocking chair with a tablet strikes you as ridiculous, you really can't be blamed. The new iRock iPad-compatible rocking chair might not make you feel any differently, but it's hard to argue against its overall cool factor. The innovative rocker not only features a do...

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Apple and IKEA, two similar retail stories

There's a fascinating writeup over at Asymco about Apple's retail strategy as compared with another very popular retail chain: IKEA. On the surface, the two brands seem dissimilar. One is a popular computer maker turned mobile device innovator, while the other is a simple and low-cost furniture...

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