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Fuse is the app that creates one feed to rule all your social networks

Most of us probably spend too much time on our phones checking in on various social networks. Even if you only subscribe to one or two, you've probably spent time out in public hopping between apps while waiting in line. Fuse is a new app that aims to at least keep all that searching in one place....

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MacFUSE updated to 2.0 now includes 64-bit and Snow Leopard support

MacFUSE is awesome. It allows you to mount a remote server's filesystem, view your iTunes library in Finder, read from and write to NTFS hard drives, and much more! With all of this functionality crammed into a free product one would think it could not get any better. Amazingly, it has. The latest ...

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MacFusion: a GUI for MacFUSE

We mentioned MacFUSE many times here on TUAW. It's a very cool utility (from Amit Singh at Google) which brings the Linux FUSE project to the Mac for easily expanding file system support (for more background on Singh and MacFUSE check out this interview at IT Conversation). Unfortunately, however, M...

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Macfuse: FUSE File System for the Mac

This one is for the real Mac geeks out there. Amit Singh, author or Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach, is widely recognized as an über Mac-geek and possibly the person outside of Apple that knows the most about Mac OS X. He is now employed by Google as their Mac Engineering Manager. As he ...

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