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Apple TV gains new YouTube app and additional channels

Apple TV owners are getting a holiday viewing gift today, with the addition of four new channels and a new YouTube app designed to act more like the apps found on other platforms. The new YouTube app provides easier access to subscriptions and searching, and also adds OAuth for login if you'd pr...

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Finding Steve's recovery partition: Solving an Apple mystery

Yesterday, fellow blogger Steve Sande hopped into the TUAW backchannel all fussed. As part of some iMovie troubleshooting he was doing with Apple's support wizards, he was trying to get his new iMac to boot into the recovery partition and was getting nowhere. Holding down the Option key during ...

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Fusion 4.1 support for pre-Lion, non-server OS X is a mistake, says VMware

Late on Friday, Macworld's Jason Snell discovered that the new 4.1 version of virtualization tool VMware Fusion had a special talent. Up until 4.1, Fusion would refuse to install non-server versions of Snow Leopard and Leopard into a virtual machine, since Apple's licensing for those OS builds did...

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VMware Fusion 4 levels up for Lion virtualization

Winter turns to spring, night to dawn... and the two 800 lb. gorillas of the Mac virtualization market trade updates once again. A fortnight ago it was Parallels 7 hitting with a new release, and today we note the debut of VMware Fusion 4. The new version of the virtual PC tool from the enterpr...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me run Windows on Mac

Dear Aunt TUAW, I am new to the Mac community, and there are some programs that are unsupported on the Mac and I know there are a few options to run Windows on a Mac. When I search online for the best options and answers to my questions (what is the best option, do I need a Windows license/disc...

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Lion to allow two virtualized instances of Mac OS X per machine

The virtualization story for Mac OS X is about to change dramatically, and for the better, as Lion's licensing changes the rules for virtual machines. For some enterprise deployments, virtual Mac OS X environments are the Holy Grail: giving access to Mac-only applications on demand without havi...

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Could AMD Fusion chips be coming to Macs?

Ever since Apple finally abandoned the PowerPC platform in favor of the x86 architecture, Macs have been exclusively powered by CPUs from Intel. Throughout that time, however, there has been speculation that Apple could dual source and use some of AMD's chips as well; that may have just been post...

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VMWare Fusion 3.1 beta available

On Monday VMWare released the Fusion 3.1 beta with some nice changes, including support for OpenGL 2.1 and 2TB virtual disks. There are more than 10 changes or improvements in this beta, including improved graphics performance for games and 3D apps (via OpenGL 2.1), improved USB and Boot Camp sup...

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Found Footage: VMware gets schooled by Parallels in MacTech benchmarks

Many Mac owners who install Windows do so for gaming. Those uninterested in Boot Camp can try out virtualization software, which lets you run Windows in a virtual environment on a Mac. The two most popular are VMWare Fusion and Parallels. Before making a purchase decision, wouldn't it be great to...

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Ask TUAW: Arranging icons on the iPhone, installing Windows on a Mac, Airport networks and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we have questions about arranging icons on the iPhone, installing Windows via Boot Camp, AirPort networks, iMac rotation support, replacing the video card in an iMac, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions a...

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VMware ships Fusion 3.0

Today is release day for VMware Fusion 3.0. The app has more than 50 new enhancements including: Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit Snow Leopard kernels. Integrated Migration Assistant guides you through migrating from the PC to a virtual machine. First virtualization product to support for ...

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VMWare Fusion 2.06 hits the streets

VMWare has pushed out another update to Fusion, the popular virtualization app. Version 2.06 was released yesterday. The 289 MB download includes multiple fixes for running Fusion in a 32-bit Snow Leopard environment. The release includes enhancements for better 3D performance on Macs with Nvidia ca...

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Troubleshooting Roundup: Mac OS X 10.5.7 Update

While Jason D. O'Grady considers anything more than ordinatrix inflagrante to be success when he's installing a new operating system, he and others are still reporting on the various and sundry issues that have cropped up since Tuesday's 10.5.7 update: I can't find my brain: Some users are rep...

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Install Windows 7 on a Mac

Raise your hand if you remember when a Mac was a Mac and a Windows machine was a Windows machine, and never the twain shall meet. I sure do. Change has come. Our own Christina Warren has written an exhaustive set of instructions for installing Windows 7 on a Mac over at our sister site, Download Sq...

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Get VMWare Fusion 2.0 at a steal, after rebates, free upgrade

If you have been waiting to get your hands on VMWare's Fusion, then now is the perfect time. Fusion is the software that allows you to run Windows, Linux, and now Mac OS X Server in a virtual machine right inside of Mac OS X! And you don't have to pay the regular $79.99US for it either. MacMall i...

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