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The LPad, from MomCorp

After you buy an eyePhone, you may as well round out your Mom gadget collection with an LPad. [Photo credit: Felix Bernet]...

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Every Apple reference ever made in Futurama and The Simpsons

With a combined 33 seasons between them, both Futurama and The Simpsons are awash with references to Apple. Some of these references take the form of biting commentary while others are much more subtle. In compiling this list, I was lucky enough to chat with famed Simpsons writer Bill Oakley (sea...

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The Simpsons pokes fun at Siri

Oh, Siri. We love you, but you sure are easy to make fun of. Your words can be twisted and tweaked to mean things you didn't intend, and your monotone delivery has an instant comedic quality. And that's probably why The Simpsons decided to have a bit of fun at your expense. The clip -- which we've...

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Comedy Central mutes "eyePhone" Futurama parody

If you saw Thursday night's new episode of Matt Groening's Futurama on Comedy Central (and let's take a moment to relish those beautiful words, 'new episode of Futurama' -- mmm, yes), you got an earful of biting satire focused on the enthusiasm of a certain company's customers and their appetite ...

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Futurama "Windows 3000" joke

It's no secret that Matt Groening is an Apple fan, as plenty of references and jokes have made their way into episodes of his Simpsons and Futurama shows. While watching my favorite segment of TV last night - [adult swim] - I thought a Futurama episode (titled "Bendin' in the Wind") cracke...

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Widget Watch: Frylock

Today's widget is only 90% useless. Frylock is a Konfabulator Yahoo! Widgets Engine widget that floats your favorite box of animated French fries around your desktop in that unique, Frylock fashion. You can even configure it to launch the application of your choice when double-clicked. See? It's mil...

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