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CES Unveiled: The HAPIfork aims to help you track your eating habits with Bluetooth

CES Unveiled was held last night in the Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas, and served as the unofficial kickoff of one of the biggest gadget shows in the world. The Unveiled room was crowded with new product demos, but one product stood out: The HAPIfork. The HAPIfork, as you might ...

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M.I.C Gadget's iHub 2 looks like Apple lawsuit bait

M.I.C Gadget, the same website that brought the world the Steve Jobs action figure that was quickly given a cease and desist notice, is back for more potential legal fun. This time, they've come up with a very cool 4-port USB 2.0 hub. It doesn't matter how many USB ports you have on your Mac ...

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iPad and Kinect: two fastest-selling gadgets of all time

Apple and Microsoft have been competing for decades in the desktop market, so it is only natural to compare their success in other markets. Though the Microsoft Kinect and the Apple iPad are vastly different devices, the pair are the two fastest selling gadgets this year. The Next Web put together ...

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Engadget iPad app now available

What's better than a (non-existent) TUAW iPad app? A real, live Engadget iPad app! Our big sister Engadget just rolled out a shiny new iPad app featuring a ton of stuff like Evernote and Instapaper integration, support for the Engadget podcast and much, much more. Oh, did you know there's an Engadg...

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Livescribe and the Pulse Smartpen on the Mac

The Pulse Smartpen has been around for a while, but until late last month the desktop software from Livescribe was Windows-only. The pen captures what you write, and the desktop app allows you to store and playback your writing and captured audio on your computer. I had a chance to test drive the ...

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Do your kids play with your iPhone?

Once my kids were beyond putting random technology into their mouths, I have let them play with gadgets. But what about my iPhone? It started innocently enough: a Leapster for a birthday. Then I cleaned out the garage and let them "borrow" a few antique Palm devices. Then I got them hooked on an old...

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iPhone wins awards, will win a lot more before 2008

We're getting closer and closer to the end of the year, and that means it's almost time for everyone to announce their "best tech product of the year" awards. Gadget website T3 has gotten an early start, and not surprisingly, Apple walked all over everyone else, with the iPhone grabbing tons of awar...

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USA Today: iPod is lifechanging

USA Today recently chose 25 inventions they felt had changed people's lives in the last 25 years. Along with cell phones, laptops and DVDs, USA Today chose iPod as their #8 life changing gadget. It has, they suggest, reinvented the way people walk down sidewalks. Presumably before the iPod, no one h...

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Retro glow: iBlueTube vaccum tube amp for iPod

If your interior decorating ideal is somewhere between Dr. Who and the engine room of the Enterprise, this may be the iPod accessory for you. The iBlueTube, from Japanese vendor Thanko (we've covered their stuff before as did Engadget Japan; apparently there's now an English site as well), feature...

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Widget Watch: ThinkFree/Office doc viewer (Dashboard, Yahoo! and Google)

If, for one reason or another, you don't have or don't want Microsoft Office installed, but you still need to view a doc, spreadsheet or presentation, the ThinkFree Online office crew have created a couple widgets (and even a Google module) to help ease your pain. I haven't been following ThinkFree'...

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Scobleizer wasn't wrong about products at WWDC; this just wasn't the right time

Some are upset at The Scobleizer, as his predictions of a 'dizzying' amount of post-WWDC Apple products and wish for an Apple Store sleepover didn't exactly come true. Scoble even went so far as to apologize on his blog Tuesday, offering a theory as to why our credit cards aren't getting maxed on a ...

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iLounge reviews USB transfer device

iLounge has posted a review of Hitch, a sort of USB middle man device that allows transferring files between two USB devices, including iPods. The Hitch is apparently a little slow, taking 6 seconds to transfer a 4MB song, but hey: it beats needing a computer to do it if you're a chronic swapper bor...

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iPod second greatest gadget of the past 50 years

The iPod has been named the second greatest gadget of the past 50 years by the editors of PC Magazine. The Sony Walkman, which is an obvious inspiration for the iPod, took the number one spot. PC Magazine does take a moment to call the first generation iPods 'nothing special,' and notes that it was ...

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