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iPhoto auto-downloads expired MobileMe galleries

They've hung out the 'Closed' sign on our old friend MobileMe, but Apple is still giving you the opportunity to download iDisk files and stored pictures for a limited time. In fact, if your iPhoto library is linked to your MobileMe account, iPhoto will take care of copying your galleries for you....

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Is the new Journal feature in iPhoto for iOS the start of something bigger?

I certainly hope so. One of the joys of using a Mac with MobileMe was that someone with little or no computer sophistication could get photos easily published to the web. Great for families sharing with distant relatives and friends, or anyone who needed to get a gallery of photos to the internet o...

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Photos from the new Amsterdam Apple Store opening

The new Apple Store in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a work of art. The exterior has a classic European look and the inside is filled with Apple's gorgeous mix of glass, metal and minimalist design. Two of our readers were on hand at the opening today and sent us links to their photos. You can check o...

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Apple's new Amsterdam Apple Store is stunning

Apple has been doing an amazing job at making new Apple Stores really stand out, but photos from Dutch Apple site show that the first Apple Store in the Netherlands is a stunner. The Amsterdam Apple Store opens this Saturday at 10 AM, and Apple has updated the Apple Store app so th...

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Apple rejects iPad app for pinch-to-expand

We've heard all kinds of reasons for rejected apps on the App Store, but this one seems new to us. An iPad app called Web Albums HD has reportedly been rejected from the App Store for including a pinch-to-expand feature in its Picasa albums viewing functionality, as reported on Apple Insider. The d...

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Apple updates MobileMe Gallery app

MobileMe has some great features, but Apple needs to stay on top of it to keep it competitive with other services. It's a bit pricey and hasn't changed all that much over the last couple of years, so new features are always worthy of notice. Fortunately, Apple made one small step for mankind by r...

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Macworld 2009 -- North Hall Photos

Of course you already know it's Macworld Expo time and we're covering the heck out of the show here in San Francisco. We've already got some great info about updated iLife and iWork suites, DRM being removed from iTunes, a "Philnote" line video and a brand-new 17" Macbook Pro. And now, a gallery of ...

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Embed .Mac Web Gallery thumbnails in RapidWeaver pages

The new .Mac Web Galleries are great, but they unfortunately can only be built by iPhoto '08 and integrated into iWeb pages. Thanks to this RapidWeaver forum post from Günter, however, RW users have a trick for embedding those slick scrolling .Mac Web Gallery thumbnails into their pages. The tr...

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TUAW Tip: How to manually delete a .Mac Web Gallery

The new .Mac Web Galleries sure are pretty slick, but their dependency on iPhoto '08 can have some unfortunate side effects. When I first installed iLife '08, I moved my original iPhoto library so I could tinker around with the new version using a few pics I had lying around on my Mac. I then create...

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WWDC 2007 preview

As we count down the last couple of hours to the keynote (don't forget to check out Engadget's liveblogging of the actual keynote), we've put together a couple of galleries for you (video coming soon and we'll update this post). Last night sf/macindie was kind enough to host a swell dev get-together...

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TUAW Exclusive: Skitch screenshot gallery

We've been blogging Skitch, a new 'hybrid' photo editing and web services tool from plasq (makers of Comic Life), since Scott first met and fell in love with it at Macworld 07. Using the app through its development, it's clear that Skitch is going to knock people's socks off, with a well-executed ...

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Engadget gets hands on with Apple's new AirPort Extreme

While I still need to drop $180 to get an AirPort Extreme Base Station for 'review' from Apple, Engadget just put theirs through its paces. Overall, they found that the obvious upsides were Apple's sleek design and easy-breezy setup thanks to the revamped AirPort Admin Utility 5.0. In the drawbac...

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Booth tours in the galleries

We've been combing the extensive Macworld Expo 2007 floor since Tuesday and have posted some more booth tour galleries for your viewing enjoyment. Almost everyone has a presence here of some sort (sadly, almost), so we're doing our best to hit as may of the booths we can. As of this post, we have ...

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TUAW Galleries = fun!

So something we want to do this year is give all the homebound Apple fans a taste of what it's like to BE at the crazy madness that is Macworld Expo and Conference 2007. And as we all know, pictures say a lot (video says more, and we'll be posting those later). So keep your eyes on our gallery pages...

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A look back at Macworld 2006 - a TUAW gallery

Remember Macworld 2006? Boy, I sure do. It was my first trip to any Macworld, my first trip to San Francisco, and my first spectacular failure as a TUAW correspondent. This year it's going to be a little different. Not only does TUAW have a crew in effect for MWSF 2007, who will be bringing you tota...

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