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Siri can guess sports odds and thinks the Royals will win the World Series

Siri has another neat trick you may not have known about -- gambling speculation. If you ask Siri "who is going to win the World Series?" it will tell you exactly who is currently predicted to win. In this case Siri thinks the Royals are going to take the series. If you have money on the game, do...

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Retiring from Flight Control

I just uninstalled it from my iPhone, and am officially retiring from Flight Control (iTunes link). It was a great four month career, I tell ya. I wanted to go out at the top of my game, and on my own terms. Despite its minimal $4.99 price tag (I think that was the price when it first came out), it ...

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Net Nanny for the Mac released

Are you concerned about the youngsters in your household being exposed to inappropriate content on the Web? ContentWatch today announced the release of Net Nanny for the Mac, the first Mac version of their popular Internet filtering and parental control software. With Net Nanny, you can block acce...

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