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TUAW Review: Reiner Knizia's Monumental turns puzzle apps upside down

The basic gist of Reiner Knizia's Monumental [$1.99] is that it's a thinking man's Tetris. This isn't to say that Tetris is a game for dummies – it's not – it's just that the never-ending rain of blocks means it's part puzzle, part twitch-fest. In Monumental, on the other hand, blocks...

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Review: Bananagrams is addicting without the clicking

Perhaps you've seen them, in Word Wars or another Scrabble movie; people who are a wee bit obsessive about their word games. For the iPhone-carrying among them, there is the official Scrabble app or Words With Friends. For people who like a little more variety in their word game apps, there are a hu...

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TUAW Faceoff: Skat vs. ProSkat on the iPhone

We've covered quite a few board and card games in this ongoing series of iPhone / iPad app reviews, but I haven't been as excited about any of them as I was when I saw that there was not just one but two Skat apps available for the iDevices. Considering that Skat is my absolute favorite card game...

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Review: here's hoping the Kachina board game app gets some serious kinks worked out

The tile game Kachina came to the iPhone/iPod touch platform in waves. First, the app appeared as a single-player puzzle game using the Kachina rules. Then, an upgrade with in-app purchase allowed you to spend US$2.99 to get multiplayer functionality. Now, the Kachina app [$2.99] that you can fin...

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Review: Hey, That's My Fish Honey, That's Mine!

Board gamers looking for ported game apps on the iPhone (and now, finally, the iPad) might overlook the just-released offering Honey, That's Mine [$1.99]. The game uses little honeybee characters that fly across a board of hexagons to collect drops of honey. As they leave a location, that hex is rem...

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