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How a Game Boy emulator app snuck past Apple restrictions

Due to the legal and ethical concerns regarding retro game emulators, they never make their way to Apple's official App Store, but as ReadWrite reports, iPhone and iPad users can - at least for the moment - download a fully functional Game Boy Advance emulator app without the need for a jailbreak....

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Make your iPad 2 look like a Gameboy with this retro gaming case

Lootiful has a line of snap-on iPWN cases that protect your iPhone in style by making it look like a Nintendo Gameboy. The business, run by a single graphics designer, has now extended its retro gaming cases to the iPad 2. The iPad 2 version is identical to the iPhone 4 and 3G/3GS version. Al...

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iPhone icons in felt keychain form

Unfortunately these guys are already sold out (though maybe there'll be more soon), but I'm still posting them here just to gaze on their awesomeness -- Etsy user Rabbitrampage put together these six iPhone icon keychains (well, five iPhone and one Finder) out of felt, thread, and fiber fill. I thin...

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Gameboy theme for iPhone

We love mods, and this one is on our short list. iGameboy is a theme mod for jailbroken iPhones. There's both a button and a full-screen version (I'm partial to the button theme myself). As of this writing, the author, Rob Sheridan, has produced 45 icons to accompany the theme, so chances are your a...

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