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GameSalad now lets iOS game makers create universal apps

If you're one of the folks who uses GameSalad to create iOS games, there's some potentially very big news you'll want to hear. The folks behind the no-code game-creation solution has released an update that lets you generate universal binaries of your creations, making it possible to release on...

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WWDC Interview: GameSalad

Victor Agreda, Jr. (Editor-in-Chief, The Unofficial Apple Weblog) interviews Dan Treiman of GameSalad at WWDC 2011. Dan was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their plans moving forward. TUAW and MacTech Magazine teamed up to speak...

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GameSalad announces GameSalad Direct, publishing model outside of Apple's dev program

We've posted about GameSalad here before -- the company offers up a third-party development and publishing solution that allows anyone, even non-coders, to jump into the GS SDK, make a game, and then quickly publish it out to the web or platforms like Apple's App Store. The company has been narrowi...

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WWDC 2010: GameSalad brings game creation to everyone

I've seen GameSalad around before (they had a big booth at this year's MacWorld, and we've mentioned them here on TUAW a few times), but I've never actually spoken to anyone who works for the Austin, TX based company. Fortunately, senior platform director Michael Herring found some time to come say ...

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Gamesalad supports iPad game development

The folks over at Gamesalad have announced that they're releasing iPad functionality on their super-simple game development platform. They've already offered an iPhone development service for just 99 dollars, and now their system will export games directly to the iPad in the same type of way. I'...

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Gamesalad offers $99 iPhone game publishing

We mentioned Gamesalad's plans to bring their publishing system to the iPhone earlier this year, and now they've done it: for $99 a year, they say that you'll be able to design games on their game creator development tool, and then publish them straight out to the iPhone's App Store. If you don't wa...

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Gamesalad aiming to bring their development system to the iPhone

Here's yet another interesting take on the burgeoning App Store environment. A company called Gendai Games has a game creator IDE/app called Gamesalad, designed to let you put together rapid prototype-style games for the Mac. They've been doing this for a while, and they even let you export your gam...

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