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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Skipping Stone

Skipping Stone is a new title from Gamevil for the iPhone that's about as simple as it gets. You play a rock (excited yet) that is skipping along a stretch of water, and your job is to tap along on the screen to keep the rock going for as long as possible. It's very simple (and can get repetiti...

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TUAW's Daily App: HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia

Gamevil's new action RPG HYBRID 2 is an excellent game, but it's not one that I would recommend for just anyone to pick up. We've spotlighted plenty of great casual games and apps here on the Daily App, but HYBRID 2 doesn't fit in that category. If you've never played a Japanese-style action RPG, y...

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Ngmoco buys Stumptown Game Machine, EA and Gameloft report revenue growth

A few news items from the business side of iPhone games this week, courtesy of the folks over at Mobile Entertainment. Ngmoco has purchased developer Stumptown Game Machine, creators of their popular Touch Pets Dogs release. Unfortunately, there's no information on how much the deal was worth, but i...

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