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Apple profiles the musicians behind its new 'The Song' holiday advertisement

Apple this weekend released a new holiday advertisement called "The Song" that told the story of a young woman who remastered a love song sung by her grandmother to her husband before he left for military service. To promote its commercial, Apple yesterday released a follow-up video that profiles ...

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You won't believe the fast fingers of this iPad and iPhone 6 Plus drummer

Faced with limitations due to his living arrangements, drummer and YouTube user Appleman has made the best of his situation, opting to use GarageBand and other apps on an iPad and iPhone 6 Plus to lay down some spectacular tracks. Especially impressive is how he uses the 6 Plus along with the iPad...

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An edge-case perspective of Apple

Throughout the last decade, reading rumors about Apple products gave me an edge-case perspective of Apple. With each new rumor, I have an internal discussion that determines the validity with a "yes" or a "no." In the past couple years, the dialogue changed from "yeah, that would be cool" to "plea...

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Video: How to easily make your own ringtones in GarageBand for iOS

While the iPhone's standard ringtones certainly have their respective charms there's nothing quite like picking your own ringtones. It's your own little inside joke whenever your Grandmother calls and David Bowie's "Space Oddity" plays or you get a ring from the boss set to the "Imperial March."...

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Apple scores patents for surround-sound MacBook, GarageBand gestures

When it rains, it pours in the world of Apple patents, and today it's pouring. As Patently Apple reports, the company official scored 48 new patents today, a couple of which apply to GarageBand and a feature that may eventually find its way into the MacBook Pro. For starters, a patent for "Electr...

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PUC interface connects iOS, MIDI devices wirelessly [Updated]

The PUC MIDI interface (US$129.99) connects MIDI devices (keyboards, drum machines/pads, DJ controller, floor pedal, etc) to iOS devices (or Macs) wirelessly. This is fantastic news, because the joy of the iPad and iPhone is that they're wireless, multi-function devices. Connecting wires makes the...

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Apple features new "Indie Game Showcase", and other news for March 21, 2014

Apple has rolled out a new section on the App Store called "Indie Game Showcase." It's dedicated to spotlighting stunning games by independent iOS developers. As Apple describes the new section: Often made up of just a few dedicated members, independent studios prove that what really matters is ...

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Motion made music: AUUG Motion Synth nearing Kickstarter goal

Imagine being able to play notes and alter sounds through the motion of your hand and arm, using an iPhone or iPod touch. That's the idea behind the AUUG Motion Synth, a unique musical instrument and controller that is getting close to its Kickstarter goal with another eight days to go in the camp...

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Apple issues GarageBand 10 update

Don't blink, or you may miss this update. Apple released GarageBand 10.0.1 for the Mac late last night, citing fixes for "a number of minor issues" and improved overall app stability. If you're a fan of Apple's consumer music-making app, you might want to make sure that the update has been installe...

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iLife apps get major updates, out today

Today at Apple's event in San Francisco, we got a glimpse at the iOS 7-minded updates to the company's popular iLife apps. These refreshed versions will be available today in the App Store. First up was iPhoto, which has been redesigned for iPhone and iPad in the same ultra-modern style of iOS 7....

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Daily Update for October 21, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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GarageBand for iOS to go free, more new iLife and iWork app icons

For a period of about half an hour last night, Apple's Built-in Apps page previewed new iOS 7-inspired icons for the iLife and iWork apps. The icons aren't surprising as a few of them were leaked last week, but this change is: GarageBand will be a free download for all iOS 7-compatible devices: ...

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Apple leaks new iLife for iOS icons, suggesting updates soon

New icons for iPhoto and GarageBand for iOS have been spotted in the iCloud Storage Management settings of iOS 7's Settings app, notes 9to5Mac. The new icons appear radically different than the old ones, with a much flatter, iOS 7-like design. As the iCloud Storage Management icons are handled over...

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Apple updates iLife for iOS apps

Apple has released updates to the iLife apps for iOS. The company says the updates to iPhoto and iMovie address compatibility issues, while the update to GarageBand addresses minor issues related to general performance and stability. The "compatibility issues" may or may not relate to iOS 7, which...

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GarageBand for iOS updated, adds AudioBus support

Apple has pushed out an update for GarageBand for iOS. The version 1.4 update brings a number of enhancements to GarageBand for iOS, most notably support for playing and recording audio routed through the third-party app AudioBus. AudioBus is an iOS app that allows users to route various musi...

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