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Google and iCloud calendars don't play nicely together

So far, most of the buzz on Apple's iCloud service has been overwhelmingly positive -- I haven't seen any outages or had any issues myself so far. But it's not all unicorns and rainbows: ReadWriteWeb has tackled one of the more problematic issues with the service so far, which is trying to hook...

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BusyMac announces BusyCal

BusyMac, makers of the awesome BusySync, has just announced its newest offering: BusyCal. BusySync is a great way to share and sync calendars across a LAN and sync with Google Calendar. BusyCal is a calendar application with the BusySync technology baked in. The screenshots have BusyCal looking very...

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CalDAV support comes to Google Calendar

I'm a pretty big user of Google Calendar, because I like how I can automatically sync it with my BlackBerry. The problem for me has been that on my desktop, I really prefer iCal's interface. Syncing the two can be cumbersome. We've written about third-party programs that can sync iCal and gCal toget...

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BusySync 2.0 ships, adds Google Calendar

After six weeks in beta (not long at all in Google-weeks), the new version 2.0 of iCal-sharing tool BusySync is out. The headline feature for 2.0 is of course the new iCal --> Google Calendar synchronization capability, which opens up a wide world of cloud-based options for families and workgroup...

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Show floor video: BusySync

BusyMac had a good thing going with BusySync 1 and 1.5: seamlessly share and edit calendar info across your home or business LAN using iCal. Version 2 (due next month) features sync via the cloud-- so you can sync a work and home computer, even if you don't work at home. There's also Google Calenda...

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Spanning Sync for iCal and Google Calendar goes 1.0, announces pricing

We've mentioned Spanning Sync, the first utility to truly sync iCal and Google Calendar, once or twice before, but until today it's been in that 'beta' status that's such a hit with the kids these days. As of this morning, however, beta is no more, for Spanning Sync has reached full 1.0 status and...

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Spanning Sync about to go 1.0

Spanning Sync, the bi-directional syncing utility for iCal and Google Calendar we've been covering, has released public beta v1.0b16 on their blog. Aside from the typical fixes and updates, the more significant announcement here is the possibility that this might be the final beta before going 1.0. ...

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Spanning Sync public beta re-opened

Fellow Mac users looking to sync iCal and Google Calendar - rejoice! For the Spanning Sync crew have re-opened their public beta to one and all. After their servers buckled under their first attempt at opening up the beta, they had to shut down temporarily. Fortunately, Spanning Sync's own vendor ...

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Spanning Sync announces public beta

Charlie Wood from Spanning Sync, the 'missing link' software we mentioned back in November that can keep iCal and Google Calendar n'sync, just let us know that a public beta (version 1.0b11) is now available (zip download link). Getting started with iCal + gCal syncing bliss is simple: Download...

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Calgoo "first draft" takes Google Calendar offline, sorta

Our friends over at Download Squad reviewed Calgoo, an offline Google Calendar client, last month. The reason we didn't pick it up is simply because it didn't run on Mac OS X at the time. Recently that changed, so here we go - but it is very apparent why they call this a first draft (as opposed to ...

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.Mac's slow death

Somebody call the ambulance, because .Mac is dying...and Google is the assassin (with a little help from his sidekick Firefox). Now I've been using .Mac since it was free and called "iTools." I was initially lured in by the convenience of iDisk, the email address and so on. Web bookmark and ...

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A browser just for Google Calendar

Remember the distraction-free Gmail browser by Michael McCracken? He apparently struck a chord within Chip Cuccio, as Hawk Wings has tracked down Chip's follow-up with a browser just for Google Calendar. This app more or less rolls the same way too: it's based on WebKit and is designed only to give...

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Google Calendar officially supports Safari

Users are reporting that Google Calendar now officially supports Safari. I can confirm, as I no longer receive the 'unsupported browser' warning on 10.4.6, and I must say gCal looks a bit nicer in Safari, though I unfortunately need to use Firefox for most of my browsing needs. It's nice to see Goog...

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Quicksilver plug-ins for Google Calendar and Gmail

While tinkering in Quicksilver's plug-ins panel this morning I came across two new plug-ins that should fit right in with my new Borg Google-infused daily activities: a Gmail Module and a Google Calendar Module. Both are actions that allow you to type in a string of text, then select either of thes...

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Firefox Quick Add extension for Google Calendar

Elias Torres has put together a most excellent Google Calendar Quick Add extension for Firefox. If you aren't familiar with gCal's Quick Add feature, it's in the upper left of gCal (or just hit 'q' on your keyboard), and it's great: you can create a new event simply by typing it as a sentence, such...

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