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Woz's backpack brings new meaning to "overpacking"

If you were a genius who helped create the first Apple computer and have since then been able to pretty much do whatever you want, wouldn't you carry around a crowded backpack as well? Steve Wozniak has listed out just what he happens to carry around on his back every day, and the entire list...

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Brabus's iBusiness is a Mercedes-Benz S600 tricked out Apple style

We've seen the iPad implemented both at school and at work, but in your car? That's the idea behind the iBusiness, a Mercedes-Benz S600 that's been tricked out with Apple gear aplenty by Brabus. Get this -- you can see the two iPads and keyboards in the back seats, but there's also a Mac mini in th...

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First Look: Tom Bihn Ristretto bag for iPad

I blame Steve Sande for my newest iPad-related purchase. Well, there's a lot of things to blame Steve for, but it was his reviews of the Tom Bihn Western Flyer and Checkpoint Flyer that had me checking out the company he bought the bags from last year. Tom Bihn is based in Seattle and has the dis...

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Gearing up for Macworld: My 5 apps & packing list

Hitting the road for a week or more can be daunting enough when packing for a regular business trip, but when the itinerary includes the hustle and flow of Macworld Expo, I start to think a bit more seriously about exactly what I'm taking and why. The good news is, of course, that a few well-chos...

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Tuesday is upon us: new Apple hardware

It's been busy in the dwarven mines of Cupertino, we can tell: much new iron has arrived today, and the store is back up (though getting hammered at the moment)! We'll go into detail on each of the announcements in the next hour or so, but here's the basic scoop: All of Apple's consumer desktops ha...

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TUAW Tips: Packing your gadgetry for travel to faraway lands

In case you've missed me, I've been in Africa for the last couple of weeks. On top of all the business traveling I do, I also love traveling to exotic or fun locations with my wife several times a year. One question I often hear from friends, clients, and TUAW readers is "How do you pack all of ...

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Thieves steal $10,000 of gear from an Apple Store

Thieves broke into an Apple Store in Palo Alto, California, and within two minutes had nabbed $10,000 worth of gear, including six laptops (gotta be MacBook Pros, right?) and two iPhones. And apparently they trucked right over to Los Gatos, and did the same thing about an hour later. There's no doll...

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1983 Apple T-Shirts

The Mothership!, a Mac site "dedicated to the preservation of Apple computer history," has come across a catalog picture of a quirky piece of Apple schwag hailing from 1983. Surely, even back then it is apparent that Apple covered all the bases, offering colors, styles and sizes for the en...

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