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World of Goo coming to iPad, Gunstar Heroes out now

Here are two good pieces of news for iOS gamers. First up, World of Goo, the practically classic indie game that has you building little structures out of blobs of goo, is headed to the App Store just as soon as Apple approves the app for iPad. The app will feature one-screen multiplayer, with up t...

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GTA tops the list, and other game news

For some reason there's a flood of gaming news coming from the App Store this afternoon. So we've rounded it up for you to take in all in one read: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars [iTunes link] has reached the top-grossing spot on the store in just two days, which means it's probably taken over...

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Sega giving away Columns on iPhone for free all this weekend

Normally we'd just send out a tweet about this (that's usually what we do with free app deals, so if you're not one of the almost 40,000 people following us yet, you definitely should be), but this is a good one, and it's a holiday, so we wanted to make sure you knew. Sega is feeling particularly ...

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The question of emulators

Gizmodo recently posted this video, which is beautiful to any PSX-era gamers: it's Final Fantasy VII running right on the iPhone, like buttah thanks to the 3GS hardware. How is this possible? Through the magic of emulation -- ever since computers got powerful enough to pretend to be other computers,...

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GameTap releases Mac-compatible Player

The GameTap lite client has been out on the Mac for a while, but GameTap just finally released a new version of their full player, and it is now fully compatible with the Mac. Unfortunately, things aren't quite hunky dory just yet-- the Mac player will only play Mac-supported games, which leaves a l...

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