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Rumor: Chicago's North/Halsted Apple Store opening this July

A tipster sends news that we're closer than ever to the opening of the new Apple Store in Chicago, at the intersection of North and Halsted. We first heard about this store just over a year ago, and since then, we've heard that Apple's made a significant investment in the project, beefing up the bur...

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Why I didn't buy an iPad

Guest blogger B. Imei Hsu lays out the case over on Chris Pirillo's blog for "Why you don't want an iPad" -- she takes a few guesses at why you, dear Apple fan, may not have bought Apple's magical and revolutionary device this past weekend. She's actually a little venomous -- not only is there a bit...

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Putting the Apple Store geniuses to the test

Challenging customer service folks in retail stores is pretty much shooting fish in a barrel-- sure, Apple claims to have a great retail environment, but if those Geniuses are getting paid as little as I was when I worked in retail, there's no real reason for them to know the difference between the ...

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Flickr Find: Jailbroken iPhone at Apple Store

Just like Macenstein, I can't actually tell you whether this photo is real, photoshopped, or just staged (my guess is staged), but it is funny. This iPhone, seemingly on display at the Apple Store, has one too many icons, and so apparently what the AT&T salesman told a customer in front of me ...

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Flickr Find: Lehigh Valley Apple Store grand opening

The Lehigh Valley Apple Store opened its doors yesterday in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, and TUAW readers were there with cameras in hand. Mike Hoff sent a whole flickr set of pics from the event, including pics of those trendy geniuses, and all the blessed souls who made the journey to stand in the a...

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Apple Geniuses are reportedly unbricking iPhones

Apple continues posting warning signs around their stores, cautioning customers that unlocked and modded iPhones fall outside their warranty. And at the same time, Apple Geniuses around the country quietly are reportedly accepting bricked iphones, slipping into the back and returning with functioni...

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