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Geocaching: A fun and high-tech way for kids to learn

It's back to school time, which of course means that the kiddos are gearing up to fill their brains with all sorts of new things. Parents who are looking for ways to keep the kids entertained -- yet still learning -- on weekends, after school and on vacations need look no further than their iPhone...

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The Silent History e-book requires iPhone, iPad users to travel

The Silent History is not your typical science fiction e-book. It's a serial narrative from Eli Horowitz and Russell Quinn that uses geocaching to add to the story line. The ability to discover additional information about the plot from clues in your local environment sets The Silent History ap...

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Nominate your favorite iPhone navigation app for TUAW's Best of 2011

During December and January, The Unofficial Apple Weblog is soliciting your nominations and votes for the best products for Mac, iPhone/iPod touch, and iPad. We'll start with nominations in a category, and then tally your votes for the top-nominated products a few days later. The winner in each c...

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5 apps for geocaching

Although I'm much more likely to spend a lovely summer day with my butt glued to the chair working on a new TUAW post, I do enjoy the sport/hobby/game of geocaching. If you're not familiar with the term, geocaching is defined as "a global treasure hunting game where participants locate hidden phy...

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Safari extension highlight: Better Geocaching

Although I don't get a chance to do as much geocaching as I'd like to, I still check the Geocaching.com cache maps on occasion to see what's new in the area. Usually, I do this by checking with the US$9.99 Geocaching app, but sometimes I find myself logging into the Geocaching.com website to do my s...

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Geocaching Version 4.0 features UI redesign and new functions

As a longtime fan of the pastime of geocaching, I've been following the evolution of the official Groundspeak Geocaching app (US$9.99) since the painful early days. With the release of Geocaching version 4.0 yesterday, it appears that Groundspeak has raised the bar with a new design and additional f...

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Groundspeak's Geocaching app turns 3.0

When it's warmer than the current 12°F here in Denver or I'm on a trip somewhere, I love to go geocaching. If you're not familiar with the pastime, geocaching involves using a GPS receiver to find hidden caches that can contain logbooks, "prizes," or even clues to other caches. To find out where...

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First Look: Geocaching 2.0 for iPhone 3G

Hey, it's your resident geocaching geek here. I was scoping out iPhone app updates tonight and was pleased to find that Geocaching.com's official application for the iPhone 3G has been updated to version 2.0. In case you're not familiar with the terminology, geocaching is a game/sport/hobby in which...

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TUAW Review: Geocaching iPhone app

I first mentioned this app at the end of September when word leaked out that GroundSpeak, the keepers of the Geocaching.com Web site, was working on an iPhone app. If you're not familiar with the hobby/sport/addiction that is geocaching, the concept is very simple -- people go out and hide caches i...

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"Official" geocaching app coming soon

Long-time TUAW readers know that I'm a fan of geocaching, and that I wrote a post about using the iPhone 3G for geocaching back in July. At the time, there were no true geocaching apps available for the iPhone 3G, so I talked about how to use the software that comes on the phone to find hidden cache...

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iPhone 101: Geocaching with an iPhone 3G

Geocaching is a sport / hobby in which you wander about with a GPS and try to find caches, small hidden containers with swag and a logbook inside. One of the first things I looked for in the App Store was a geocaching application that would let me a) look up caches near my present location, b) tell...

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Testing the iPhone's fake GPS

Mac|Life has a pretty neat breakdown of just how the iPhone's faux GPS work (or doesn't work, depending on the situation). Long story short, the Locations feature is pretty darn close-- unless you really do need GPS. On average, it seems like triangulation put the guessed location (represented by ...

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