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Geocannon lets you travel anywhere and conquer the city

You can conquer the world if you try hard enough. I'm sure some adult told you that at one point when you were younger. It seems like kind of a stretch though, doesn't it? Well, conquering the physical world is probably best left off your bucket list. It might be nice to conquer the world in virt...

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Daily App: Stack the States is a must-have educational game that quizzes you on US Geography

Stack the States by Freecloud Design is a geography game that makes learning about the 50 states fun for children and adults. The app quizzes you on a variety of information about the states including capitals, borders, flags and notable landmarks. The main part of the game challenges you to ente...

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Elevation Earth for iOS is endlessly fascinating and educational

Elevation Earth is a universal iOS app (US$2.99) that displays a 3D model of our planet. You can manipulate your location with finger movements on the screen while rotating and zooming into Earth using standard iOS gestures. The app shows more than 300 annotated locations, like where the Titanic ...

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Google Earth 7.1 for iOS now includes Street View

Google yesterday updated its Google Earth app for iOS to version 7.1.1. While previous updates to Google Earth have simply come with boring "performance improvements and bug fixes," this is an update actually worth exploring. You see, the latest iteration of Google Earth finally includes Street V...

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Daily iPad App: GeoMaster Plus HD

I tried the original GeoMaster app from French mobile developer VirtuaMobile a long time ago, but the HD version is well-suited to the bigger iPad screen. GeoMaster Plus HD is a geography quizzing game. It is simple enough, flashing text on the screen and asking you to tap the appropriate locat...

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Geology app puts mountains of info in the palm of your hand

I always loved geology and geography when I was in school and have kept up my interest over the years. Living in Arizona, we've got plenty of interesting geography, from mountains and deserts to fascinating road cuts and huge canyons that reveal geologic ages gone by. Now, someone has created what I...

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