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Tag: geotagging

Pro HDR adds geotagging

I've liked Pro HDR since it was first released. The HDR technique blends two or more exposures to capture better dynamic range in difficult lighting conditions. Apple provided some competition by building in HDR with the release of the iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1, but I still like the control that Pro HDR ...

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Foto Brisko: leading you to the places where great photos are made

iPhone developer Bill Dudney is well-known for his classes and books on iPhone development. When he's not teaching others how to write iPhone apps, he's writing his own code for Gala Factory Software. When I met Bill at the 360iDev Conference in Denver last October, it was after a talk he had giv...

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Geotagged tweets now alive in Stone Design's Twittelator Pro 3.3.1

Twitter has flipped the switch on some new features, including geotagging of tweets and automatic retweeting. As a happy user of Stone Design's Twittelator Pro 3.3.1 [iTunes link], I was even more giddy when I found out that my favorite Twitter app already supports both of these features. The ge...

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2GB Eye-Fi Geo exclusive to Apple retail

The Eye-Fi Memory Card sends photos wirelessly from your camera to the destination of your choice, like a computer or the web. Back in January of '08, the product gained Mac and iPhoto support, and support for MobileMe was added in September '08. This week, Eye-Fi announced the Eye-Fi 2GB Geo, whic...

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PlaceTagger answers the 'where was this picture taken?' question

I have a Canon 5D DSLR. It's a great camera, but one of the things I wished it had was an on-board GPS receiver to keep track of where my photos were taken. That would be especially nice since iPhoto and some other apps support reading location metadata embedded in the image. I've looked at some of ...

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Eye-Fi and SmugMug team up for geotagging

The Eye-Fi card is an SD card with a difference -- it has Wi-Fi built into it for easy camera-to-internet transfer of photos. It comes in three different flavors; Eye-Fi Home, Eye-Fi Share, and Eye-Fi Explore. The latter card (US$129) includes free Wi-Fi access at Wayport hotspots, unlimited geotagg...

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Maperture brings geotagging to Aperture

Maperture is a nifty little plugin for Aperture that lets you geotag photos in your library. We've covered quite a few different geotagging apps for the Mac, but this is the first one that works so well with Aperture as a plugin. Basically, Maperture integrates an interface to Google Maps which al...

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RapidoMap: slick geocoding for free

We've previously covered quite a few different applications to geocode your photos. Geocoding or geotagging is the process of adding location information (latitude and longitude) to the EXIF metadata of your photos, so you can see where they were taken. RapidoMap is one of the newest of these tools ...

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Geophoto: Geocoding Refined

We've previously mentioned a couple of ways to do Mac-based geocoding-that is, applying location information to the EXIF meta data of your photos. Now comes the latest entry in the geocoding sweepstakes: Geophoto from Ovolab. Geophoto presents you with a Google Earth like interface that you can zoo...

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Meetro released for OS X

Location based social-networking is a concept that has been bouncing around the net for a while now. The idea is to make getting together and interacting with people easier by sorting users by--or simply displaying--their geographic proximity to you. Services such as dodgeball have become hugely suc...

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