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The story of iOS's text selection tool and the importance of those "handles"

On February 11, 2014 the United States Patent and Trademark Office published the Apple's patent for the "selecting of text using gestures." Filed in 2008, and arriving on iOS devices in iOS 3 in June of 2009, you probably know this patent as "the thing that lets you highlight text on your iPhone."...

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3 small UI tweaks Apple should steal from Google and Facebook for iOS 7

There's a lot of excitement surrounding the next release of iOS. Many people expect it to be a major revamp since Jony Ive has taken over software design at Apple. Some (like me) don't expect to see a major redesign in the next release, but incremental improvements -- like the removal of skeuom...

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in:play is a minimalist music player with wonderfully easy gesture controls

In:play is a new music player for the iPhone that's elegant and easy to use. It has a minimalist interface with comfortably sized on-screen elements and gesture-based controls. It's designed so you can control basic playback functions without having to look at your screen and it's perfect for s...

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University of Calgary experimenting with one-handed iPhone gestures

A research team from the GroupLab at the University of Calgary is working on a set of new single-handed gestures for the iPhone called the the Fat Thumb interaction technique. This technique lets you hold your iPhone with one hand and use your thumb to interact with the UI. The team conducted...

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Apple unveils vew version of Safari that syncs tabs, supports gestures

During its presentation on OS X Mountain Lion, Apple unveiled a new version of Safari that'll improve your desktop browsing experience. The new Safari will have the "fastest javascript engine of any browser on the planet" and "lightning fast page loading," said Craig Federighi during the WWDC k...

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Elliptic Labs demonstrates its touchless user interface for iPad (with video)

As promised a while back, we got to chat with Elliptic Labs here at CES, and CEO Stian Aldrin walked us through the touchless gesture technology his 15-person Norway-based company is developing as a prototype. The whole thing is based on ultrasound, it turns out -- a small speaker kicks out frequen...

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Elliptic Labs to show off gesture-sensing iPad dock at CES 2011

Elliptic Labs has been working on gesture-sensing technology for a while now (where you can just swipe your hand in the air instead of actually touching a screen), and rumor has it that the company will be showing off a dock at next month's CES show for the iPad -- something that enables you to con...

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Rumor: Apple tablet said to be "iPhone on steroids"

If there's anything consistently consistent about the purported Apple tablet, it's that it's said to be, in essence, a larger iPhone. Expanding on this, Boy Genius Report cites its "close Apple contact" that claims the device is "an iPhone on steroids." Like its iPhone brethren, the tablet is said ...

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Beta Beat: Droplr adds to the quick-share repertoire

One of my favorite features in OS X is the ability to drag pretty much anything, drop it on pretty much anything else, and have the item be contextually useful in some other application. So pervasive is this gesture that we even waxed romantically about it some time ago. An example of this would be ...

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Swype could make typing easier on the iPhone

Still haven't caught on to typing on that little non-tactile keyboard on the iPhone's screen? This little tech, from the creator of the T9 system (dreaded by some, loved by others) being shown off at TC50, could be just the ticket. Swype is kind of like a gesture-based system, except that it uses th...

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